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US Women Begin Quest For World Cup Identity in Poker online



The conventional wisdom is that despite the general disjunction between US sports fans and all things “soccer-philic”, we at least take nationalistic pride in the great successes of our world-dominating women’s national program.


Don’t tell that to star US striker Abby Wambach.


Despite a no. 1 FIFA ranking and having achieved the semi-finals in the last World Cup only to be ousted by eventual champs Germany–now ranked 2d–the golden-clad US women’s team departed this week for the World Cup finals in China with barely a whisper.




“It’s the ‘Mia factor’,” Wambach told reporters two days before she helped her side to a warm-up win over Finland, 4-0, at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles.


“You lose a lot when your best-known star retires,” she said, referring to the retirement of Mia Hamm, the biggest star in the women’s game for the past two decades.


“The ‘Mia factor’ [meant] others may have been left in the shadows,” Wambach continued, trying to make sense of anonymity in the face of worldwide success. “While Mia was around it was hard to get know some of the other faces,” she said about skipper, Kristine Lilly, and probably about herself as well.


“There’s always more that you can do to promote the World Cup team,” she said when asked about the dearth of media-, and fan interest in the US for her team’s impending run at a world title. “We have shed blood, sweat and tears over our game,” she went on, shifting from marketer to field leader. “We don’t want people to watch because of the past, we want people to appreciate us for what we have [now].”


“This Poker Online team is 180 degrees from [the World Cup finals team in] 2003,” she said assessing the last “Mia-factor” team. “This team has newer faces, fresher legs, and a little bit of revenge factor for the loss in 2003.”


“This team beats the ’99 team,” she added.


If Wambach can lead the US’ golden girls through a tough group–including Nigeria, North Korea, and 3d ranked Sweden–then she will have gone a long way to not only proving that point, but overcoming the “Mia-factor” once and for all.


  1. League Results 25/08/07

Saturday 25 August / Sunday 26 August


Urawa Reds increased their lead at the top of the J-League to four points over arch-rivals Gamba Osaka. Gamba were on the receiving end of a 4-1 draw hiding away to Kawasaki Frontale while Urawa beat FC Tokyo in front of 46,951 fans at Saitama Stadium.


Kashima Antlers stay third after a 2-1 home win over bottom club Yokohama FC.


Ardija, still without a win after the sacking of Dutch coach Robert Verbeek at the mid-season break went down 5-0 in Nagoya where veteran midfielder and former Japan international Toshiya Fujita scored his 100th J-League goal for Grampus.


The second largest crowd of the weekend, 39,912, saw Albirex Niigata slump 2-0 to Shimizu S-Pulse who leapfrog the hosts in the table going into 4th on goal difference.


In J2, Kyoto Sanga came back from a 3-1 half-time deficit to beat their nearest challengers for the second automatic promotion place, Avispa 4-3 and stay nine points adrift of runaway leaders Sapporo Consadole.





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IMF has another trick for Fiat Failures: Its Own Coin, SDR | Shelter Crypto | Shelter Humanity | Charity Token Homeless | Charity Coin




Although most people know the basics of a dollar, they don’t know much about the SDR. Special Drawing Rights of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), an international monetary reserve system, was designed to overcome limitations in gold and standard fiat currencies like USD. In other words, these instruments could fail and central banks and governments would still be able to trade with liquidity through an exclusive instrument, the SDR. Join Charity Token Homeless community


An Artificial Currency


SDR is not a real currency, but an IMF “potential claim” on the freely useable currencies of IMF members. It is also the official unit of account and an exclusive asset that can only be accessed by central banks of member countries, the IMF itself, and other designated entities. SDR are not available to the average person. The Special Drawing Rights, which are made up of a variety of major global currencies, is reviewed at five-year intervals. Current SDRs are made up of USD, EUR, CNY and JPY.


IMF Has Another Trick up Its Sleeve when Fiat Fails: Its Own Coin, SDR


SDR is believed to provide liquidity for international finance in the event that assets like gold and fiat currencies are not able to do so. SDR could serve as a central mechanism to rebuild global trade networks in the face of an unpredicted, global economic collapse. In fact, SDR was issued by the IMF to its members in an extraordinary effort to stabilize the world’s economy following the 2008-09 global economic downturn.


IMF has another trick for Fiat Failures: Its own Coin SDR


The global economic crisis caused an unprecedented increase in SDR allocations to 182.7 billion in 2009. Source: IMF


SDR Creation


The SDR system was first created in 1969. “Initially, it was equivalent to 0.888671 g of fine gold–which at the time was also equivalent with one U.S. dollars,” says. “After the collapse in Bretton Woods, the SDR was renamed as a collection of currencies.” The collapse of Bretton Woods led to the abandonment of international gold standards and the introduction of floating exchange rates. SDR is an exclusive system that can be managed and controlled by its own economy. Interest rates are set weekly, and allocations to member nations are made according to IMF criteria. Join Charity Token Homeless community


Controversy: Control and Crypto


The International Monetary Fund is a well-known financial superpower that has a large influence over a broad range of global affairs. This group has come under fire for its alleged destruction of local economies and agriculture, negative effects on healthcare, and regulation of rival currencies and monetary instruments, such as Bitcoin, crypto, and other cryptocurrency.


Interestingly, the group discouraged Marshall Islands from creating their own cryptocurrency that could challenge dollar hegemony. But, months later, they advocated for central bank-issued digital currencies in stronger national economies. Although the Marshall Islands are continuing to push ahead with their plan, they continue to advocate for the SOV currency that fights inflation. It is not easy to stand up to a regulatory and surveillance behemoth such as the IMF and it will not be without serious compromises.…

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Three Tussling At The Togel Online Top





With the Chuseok holidays in South Korea over, it is traditionally time for local fans to put down their overheated chopsticks and check out the race for the play-offs.


Past battles have been thrilling and this season is no different. As always, we teams that have long forgotten thoughts of merely finishing in the top six to book a place in the championship play-off series and have eyes on top spot.


FC Seoul currently occupy that position with 47 points, Jeonbuk has 45 and Pohang, which has five games remaining, one more than the others, has 41.


There are benefits in straddling the top of the standings. The teams that finished third to sixth in the table go to the play-offs but must battle it out with each other. The one that emerges from that four way tussle will take on second-place. The winners progress to the championship final decider against the team that finished first.


Seoul coach Senol Gunes, Togel Online who led Turkey to third place at the 2002 World Cup, is in his third and probably last season in Korea. More than the K-League, the prize he really wants in the Asian Champions League – one that naturally receives more international acclaim and provides a place at FIFA’s Club World Cup held every December.


It didn’t happen as Seoul fell at the quarterfinal stage last week at the hands of Umm Salal of Qatar. Seoul lost 4-3 over two legs but couldn’t get the last and vital goal. The elimination caused Gunes to utter the line uttered by coaches around the world since cup competitions, both domestic and international, came into existence: “We can now concentrate on the league.”


The team did just that on Sunday and bounced back from the Asian heartbreak to win 2-0 at Jeju United to move two points clear at the top of the table above Jeonbuk.


Jeonbuk is the only team in the top three that has never been crowned champion of the K-League though the team from Jeonju did win the Asian title in 2006 The Motors are really shifting up through the gears, winning six of the last eight games, the only two defeats coming at the hands of rivals Seoul and Pohang.


Pohang Steelers are currently in third place but Pohang’s bid for the top spot could be derailed by their heroics in this season’s Asian Champions League. Last Wednesday was a night that will live long in the memories of all Steelers’ fans. After the first leg of the quarterfinal in Uzbekistan 3-1 the previous week, the Gyeongsang Province team had a mountain to climb in the Steelyard.


Roared on by thousands of fans, Pohang destroyed Bunyodkor, the richest club in Asia and coached by Luiz Felipe Scolari. The man who took Brazil to the 2002 World Cup title was helpless in the face of such intense football. It blew the Central Asians away.


That 4-1 second leg win gave Pohang a 5-4 aggregate victory and a place in the semi-final. There the Steelers waited to see if they would be joined by FC Seoul but was disappointed as the capital club couldn’t join their Gyeongsang cousins.


Pohang drew 2-2 with Incheon United on Sunday and are now six points off the pace set by Seoul, although they do have that game in hand. Still, with time running out and with a long trip to Qatar to come later this month, it may be tough. Pohang has a chance when they hosts Seoul on Wednesday. Failure to win that may mean the Steelers having to settle for third.


Pohang have been there before however and won the 2007 K-League despite ending the season in fifth place. That experience could prove useful.…

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Tips On Playing Poker – Play Poker Online and Slot Online



Togel is the kind of game where luck plays a very important role; however, there is definitely a large amount of skill that goes into the game as well, and this can help a player maximize his returns on good hands, and on the flip side, minimize his losses on the not-so-good hands. Here we will discuss a few tips and strategies which differentiate good players from the others.


Defining poker in the most simplistic terms, it is a game of educated guesses, as the information available to each player is incomplete, and different. It is also a game of probability, and over a long enough period of time, the luck does actually Togel even out. This is a mathematical certainty, so the first tip is to be able to keep the probability factor always in mind. In game play, this translates to not playing every hand. It is important to learn when is the right time to fold, and also when to actually forge ahead with a strong hand. In addition to not playing relatively weaker hands, this will also prevent the player for establishing a pattern in his game play.


In keeping with the incomplete information theme, a slot online player needs to be able to play as though he knows all the cards that his opponents are holding. Conversely, it is important for him to induce his opponents to play their games as though they are wrong about the cards he is holding. While this sounds complicated, it is basically the art of bluffing and having complete control over one’s reactions. A poker ‘tell’ is perhaps the worst habit to develop especially when playing with seasoned players. For allowing an opponent to correctly adjudge a player’s cards is giving them extra information, which, by extension, gives them an extra edge.


Poker is an extremely consuming game, in that concentration is absolutely paramount in every way. A lapse of concentration can cost a player very dearly, and therefore an important factor is to have a clear head when playing poker. Although this may be a surprisingly obvious tip, playing while inebriated, under stress or otherwise distracted is highly unwise, in fact downright foolish. The Togel mind needs to be as sharp as possible, and under all these conditions, the brain is befuddled.…

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Keuntungan Menjadi Member di Agen Judi Online Sbobet Indonesia



Keuntungan yang nantinya bisa anda dapatkan adalah sistem keamanan terbaik dan terupdate. Sistem keamanan tersebut akan menjaga data-data anda untuk tidak diketahui oleh orang lain. Dengan begitu anda akan lebih nyaman lagi untuk bermain judi bola dan mendapatkan banyak keuntungan. Sistem keamanan terbaik nantinya juga akan menjaga deposit yang anda miliki supaya tidak berkurang tanpa anda ketahui. Sebab, saat ini terdapat hacker yang ingin membobol situs agen sbobet untuk mendapatkan banyak judi online keuntungan. Tapi dengan sistem keamanan terbaik maka anda akan terlindungi dari hal-hal yang akan merugikan anda. Pihak pengelola juga akan mengecek sistem apakah terdapat masalah atau tidak, sehingga jika terdapat masalah semua bisa teratasi.


Keuntungan lain yang lebih menggiurkan adalah keuntungan berupa bonus dari situs dan keuntungan kemenangan  permainan. Keuntungan bonus dari situs adalah bonus deposit, bonus referral, bonus TO dan masih banyak bonus menggiurkan hingga bonus kemenangan yang pastinya banyak diimpikan oleh pemain judi jenis ini. Tapi itu semua bisa anda dapatkan apabila bergabung dengan situs yang terpercaya dan recommended untuk bermain judi bola. Karena kumpulan situs judi bola terpercaya dan permainan judi bola online sudah banyak tersedia diinternet saat ini.


Maka dari itu, anda harus daftar Agen Sbobet terpercaya untuk menjadi anggota member didalamnya. Agar anda bisa menentukan pilihan yang tepat, lebih baik ketahui terlebih dahulu tentang cara menentukan yang baik dan benar. Karena situs terbaik memiliki keunggulan yang lebih baik dibandingkan dengan lainnya. Salah satunya yaitu tampilan halaman yang menarik dengan berbagai macam menu serta penawan yang tertata rapi. Selain itu, deposit yang digunakan juga tidak mahal, malah nominal yang dipasang sangat murah.


Meskipun permainannya sangat menarik dan bagus, tapi situs tidak ,mematok deposit yang tinggi. Dengan hanya sedikit deposit saja, anda sudah bisa menikmati permainan yang aman dan nyaman. Menariknya permainan ini juga didukung dengan fasilitas terbaik berupa permainan yang berjalan seharian penuh. Jadi situs agen sbobet memberikan fasilitas permainan yang bisa member mainkan kapan saja dan dimana saja. Dengan begitu, member-member yang bergabung menjadi anggotanya bisa bermain kapan saja sesuai dengan keinginan mereka. Maka dari itu, supaya anda bisa memainkan permainan kartu judi bola dengan aman. Pilihlah situs judi resmi yang bisa anda percaya untuk bermain taruhan online. Dengan begitu, anda akan bisa bermain permainan kartu judi bola dengan aman dan nyaman.


Alasan Utama Memilih Agen Sbobet Yang Direkomendasikan


Sebagai pemain judi profesional, tentunya yang anda inginkan adalah keamanan. Keamanan yang diberikan oleh pihak penyedia pelayanan permainan ini merupakan keamanan yang paling baru serta terunggul dalam hal web. Karena keamanan itu akan menjamin permainan yg fair dan menjaga semua data-data yang anda miliki dari hal yang tidak anda inginkan. Seperti di ketahui, bahwa permainan judi jenis apapun di Indonesia tidak dianjurkan. Sehingga keamanan menjadi faktor utama yang harus anda dapatkan dari pihak penyedia layanan permainan. Mengapa Agen Sbobet yang dapat dipercaya dan recommended harus anda pilih?. Karena agen tersebut memiliki keamanan terbaik dari yang lainnya.


Alasan yang selanjutnya yaitu Pelayanan yang diberikan oleh agen yang rekomended kepada member adalah yang terbaik dibandingkan yang lain. Layanan yg di berikan terdiri dari system server terbaik dan beroperasinya situs dengan 24 jam pertandingan sepakbola. Pelayanan server terbaik begitu menolong anda untuk buka web itu tanpa alami masalah apa pun. Hal ini cukup menguntungkan anda, karena web mempunyai layanan game yang tidak lemot dan tidak mengalami yang namanya eror.


Sebagai penyedia layanan yang recommended dalam hal taruhan bola, tentunya harus beroperasi selama 24 jam penuh. Hal ini untuk mendukung jalannya permainan dengan baik.  Karena pada pertandingan eropa, waktunya berbeda dengan di Indonesia. Untuk mendukung beroperasinya permainan dengan baik, maka akan terdapat Customer Service yang akan membantu anda setiap saat. Jadi, apabila anda mengalami kendala maka anda bisa menghubungi pihak CS untuk meminta bantuan. Sehingga anda diharuskan untuk bergabung  dengan Agen Sbobet terpercaya dan recommended di Indonesia agar bisa menikmati layanan tersebut.


Alasan mengapa anda diharuskan untuk memilih agen yang dapat dipercaya dan recommended dalam hal permainan judi bola di Indonesia yang terakhir yaitu transaksi yang mudah. Karena pihak agen akan memberikan alat transaksi dengan banyak jenis bank yang ada didalamnya. Sehingga akan memudahkan anda untuk membayar deposit ataupun menarik uang kemenangan. Selain itu, pembayaran kemenangan anda akan dilakukan dengan cepat. Sehingga anda akan bisa menikmati semua hasil kemenangan yang sudah anda dapatkan.


Itulah jawaban dari kenapa harus memilih Agen Sbobet terpercaya dan recommended untuk bermain judi bola online di Indonesia. Dengan terjawabnya semua pertanyaan anda, pastinya anda tidak akan merasa ragu lagi. Maka dari itu, segeralah mendaftar dan nikmati semua keuntungannya.…





Everybody is familiar with the old game named Bingo, but not everyone knows its rules. Bingo is the type of a game that you usually learn as a child, but remember that the excitement of yelling out “Bingo!” before anyone else, never goes away. Since then, newer trends like online bingo or electronic bingo took over the traditional bingo game, but there are still some people, who prefer the old traditional bingo with daubers and paper cards. People believe that the key to winning in this game lies in superstition and luck, while other people believe that the secret in winning this game lies in “playing the odds” and advanced bingo strategies. In whichever group you put yourself into, first you have to learn the basic game rules and bingo etiquette.


In the early twentieth century, bingo became quite popular in the United States, but its history goes back to the 1530s. That is when an old state-run lottery, started in Italy. Interestingly enough, even today you are able to play that exact same-old lotto every Sunday, in that state-run lottery. In the late 1700s, the French also picked up the lotto. A struggling toy-salesperson from New York, called Edwin S. Lowe, made the game Bingo more popular. He once noticed a game called Beano, in Georgia, while he was at a country carnival. Since the players used beans to mark their cards, the game got the name Beano. After one of the players completed a whole line of numbers, he would yell “Beano!”, and he would win a small prize. When Lowe saw how captivated people got while playing this game, he decided to introduce the game to his friends. At one round, an excited old lady accidentally blurted out “Bingo!” instead of “Beano!” and just like that, an exciting and fun game was born. The game (Lowe’s Bingo), became a huge success. Legal bingo is today offered by 48 states. There is no stereotype for a bingo player; they come from all over the place. The only thing they all have in common, for sure, is the love for socializing. It is true that most regular players of bingo are over 45, but young people are also discovering this game every day. The bottom line is, Bingo is made for everyone to enjoy.


As you might have guessed, the odds of Togel winning the top prize in bingo rounds are very slim. Then again, it is also quite possible for a person to win the top prize in his first round, since the game is all about luck. When a player wins a super-jackpot, they do not get the check immediately. First, the bingo balls will be gathered and sent to a testing lab to be sure that the player did not cheat, while insurance companies will review security cameras. Progressive jackpots can sometimes get so big, that the law has to cap the bingo hall, and the prize will stay the same until a player wins the game. However, in some states, like Michigan, there is now a maximum limit of money that a player can win in this game. These big prices have allowed bingo to expand all over the world. Another way that bingo halls are able to offer bigger jackpots is by playing satellite bingo. This is a bingo game that is played at halls in a particular area, at the same time. Bingo halls are being linked by a satellite of an outside company (where the name came from). In addition, the prizes in these Satellite bingo games are much bigger than the ones in a regular bingo.


It is important for players to understand the basic rules and tips of the game. Even if you played it before, and you might think you know everything there is to know about this game, you have to ask yourself…how much are you missing? Always remember that, bingo is a game of luck and chance. When playing this game, players have to use cards that consist of five columns that have five squares each, while every square has a number (except the middle one that is put there for a free space). The point is to listen to the numbers that are being called. When one of the numbers is called, the player needs to mark the square. The person who marks all of the squares first, wins a big prize. B, I, N, G, and O are the letters that are labeling the columns. These letters always have a certain range of numbers.


Players have to buy cards, that can be made of cardboard or from a disposable sheet, which has one or more printed card faces. Some old-fashioned halls still like to use the traditional bingo cardboards like the “all-night boards” or, “hard cards,” and they can be marked with tokens, chips or pennies.  Most of the more stylish halls, use sheets of paper or disposable strips that have a set number of faces, like three (known as 3-on) or six (known as 6-on). The process when a player purchases a card is called the “buy in”, which means that a player buys cards up front, for a particular bingo game. The “caller” is a person who takes the numbers from the basket and announces them to the players. Before calling the first ball, it is the caller’s responsibility to announce the pattern of the game. The patterns change from game to game, as there are dozens of different patterns players can choose from. The two most common ones are coverall (or blackout), and straight-line bingo.


Coverall: which is also known as the blackout, is one of the typical jackpot games. The goal of this game is to cover every number on your card from a certain number of calls. For example, in a forty-nine number coverall, within those forty-nine calls a coverall must happen or else the game is going to be over, and nobody will win.


Straight-line bingo: the simplest explanation is that a player will get “bingo” with a 5-number straight line, going from one end to the other end of the card. The line can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The players will sometimes need only four numbers to be called, when using the straight line, because of the free middle space.


The caller will select each ball randomly, from an electrically operated “bingo machine” (electrically operated blower machine), which is usually used for calling state lotteries or from an ancient manual or mechanically operated cage. The machine has a bug where sometimes it catches more than one ball at a time. The air blows from the machine into a chute, and then the caller takes out a number and announces it to the players. Each ball has a printed letter on it (from 1 to 75), and there are 75 balls in the machine. Every one of those balls is as equal as they can be, considering shape, weight, size, and balance. This gives every bingo ball the exact same chance and opportunity of being pulled out. After a number is called, it can be shown on a television system that has monitors all around the room. Players can keep the track of numbers that are called with a lighted diagram that displays the pattern of the game. There are some old-school halls that still have a nonelectric tote board that is used for the same purpose.


The Daubers: with each called number, players have to scan their cards, and if they find the number that was called, they have to mark it with either a token or a dauber, which is a special pen-like ink stamper. However, the easiest way to mark your card will always be with a dauber. Today, daubers have become an essential tool that modern bingo players use. Using a dauber is simple, you just have to remove the cap and press a foam rubber tip strongly on the square you wish to mark. That will make a round colored smudge. The dauber has a lot of advantages. It is quick, it is permanent, and very easy to see, and it helps you overlook the less important marked squares so you can move on, on the rest of the numbers. Daubers usually contain 21/2 to 21/4 ounces of ink. Ink is offered in many colors including red, blue, magenta, green, teal and purple, of course. Some players buy the whole six-pack colored daubers, and they keep them for each game session. Today, the brighter colors are used, similar to orange. Unlike in the older days, when you would sometimes mess up your paper because of the ink, today the fast dry types of ink is being sold. If you have your equipment in place, you are ready to begin playing.


Do not forget that bingo, like every other game, has its own rules and etiquette. The proper way to announce that you have won is to yell out the word “Bingo!”, and it has to be loud enough for everybody to hear you. As soon as bingo is called, an assistant (usually called the floorwalker), will then come to the right table and verify the bingo. The floorwalker then calls out the winning numbers, just to verify them with the identification numbers on the card, which the caller put into a computer that can automatically verify and reject bingo. Sometimes, the winning bingo card is posted so that the other players can expect it as well, but disputes are very rare, since either you win at bingo or you do not. If, by any chance, two people call out bingo at the same time, the prize will be split equally in two.


Since there are no two exact same bingo halls, you need to read the rules before playing. Be sure to check out special handouts. There are some people who like to try to cheat, by altering a bingo card, but rest assured that no experienced bingo manager would fall for that old trick. Some, if not most of the halls, would be glad to find the cheater and prosecute him to the law. So whatever you do, just play safe, and follow the rules. One thing that the bingo halls all share is that they require you photo ID, in case you hit a bigger jackpot.


Even if bingo halls have different rules, there are some typical common rules you may encounter:


– Typically, a player must be over 18 years old or older.


– Some halls do not let their players have alcoholic beverages, while some sell beers together with soft drinks.


–  While special high-stakes games are being played, managers may forbid players from leaving or entering the hall.


– Reservation of specific cards is not allowed.


– Usually, you are not able to watch your family or friends play; each person must have their own buy-in. Sometimes halls would even require for players to put their attendance cards in a visible place.


– When a player has bingo, he has to yell out “Bingo!” loud and clear, in order to stop the game. If another number was already announced it is late to yell bingo.


It is well known that most, if not all, of the bingo players, are a friendly bunch. They will gladly help you and explain anything you want to know concerning bingo. However, never forget that you are still on their territory, so some boundaries should never be crossed. For example, you need to pipe down. This is the most important rule from all of the unwritten rules. You will notice how regulars always keep quiet as soon as the caller starts announcing numbers. Always watch out for the lucky seats. Bingo players are typically particular about where they are going to sit. You might be asked to move, if you sit in their …





It is true that there are a lot of different sports that offer betting options, however, not all of those sports are necessarily your best bet. Some sports are very hard to understand and even harder to bet on while some other sports are quite simple. You should never refuse to learn how to wager your money on a sports event just because that sport might take some time for you to understand; in the long run, you will be able to make a great profit. It does not matter if you are a professional gambler or you have just recently taken an interest in sports betting, anybody can learn. All you need is patience and time, and soon enough you will be able to make a big amount from just placing bets. A lot of professional gambrels even have their own strategies and ways they like to wager a bet, and soon enough you can make up your own unique ways of betting strategies. In the list bellow you will have the top 10 sports that people love to bet on; if they are in the top 10, there must be a good reason behind it.


Soccer: is sometimes also called football, however, a lot of people call it soccer. This is one of the most-known sports, and there is a little to no chance that you have never heard of it. However, there is a high chance that you have never bet on it, and now would be a great time to start! This is a sport that is played between two teams with a spherical ball, with both teams having eleven players. It is played in over 200 countries by 250 million players, which not only makes it the world’s most famous sport in general, but it also gives some of the best sports betting opportunities!



Cricket: is the 2nd most popular sport in the world, with approximately 2-3 billion fans (all across the UK, Pakistan, Australia, Asia, India… etc). This is a bat-and-ball game, that is just like in soccer, played between two teams with the both having with 11 players. It is played on a field, and at the center of that field, there is a rectangular 22-yard pitch. Each team takes turns to bat while attempting to score a run. When you understand the rules of cricket, just have fun, since this is definitely a sport that offers some of the best trading opportunities!



Basketball: is, similarly to soccer, a sport you have definitely heard of. It is a sport that is played by two teams, that have 5 players, on a rectangular-shaped court. The objective of a basketball game is quite simple, all the players need to do is to get the ball through a hoop. This is also one of the easiest sports you can bet on, and it is very similar to football betting. It uses a point spread for making bets on both of the teams together with the O/U numbers. However, even if it is one of the easier sports you can bet on, you should still learn a bit more before actually placing a bet!



Tennis: is a sport that is generally played individually (singles), between two players, and sometimes with two teams (doubles) that have 2 players. Each player has a racket and he needs to hit a hollow rubber ball, which is covered in felt, around or over the net and right into the opponent’s court. Betting on tennis has really become more popular in these past few years, and that is probably thanks to the TV coverage; you are able to virtually watch tennis in almost every part of the day. Nevertheless, if you want to make a profit by wagering your money on JBO VIETNAM sport, you need to learn all of the rules and the types of the bets it offers.

Novak Djokovic


Horseracing: is one of the oldest betting sports, and it has been practiced throughout ancient times. When the lotteries, gambling or casinos, in general, were illegal, people went to horseracing and started to bet on horses. It was quite an attraction, and even today, it is one of the most entertaining sports you can bet on. It is true that a lot of young people discard this sport because they think that it is something only the old would appreciate, but they are wrong. There is nothing like betting the old-fashioned way while sitting outside and watching the race live; however, today you can even place a bet online.



Volleyball: is a sport that includes two opposing teams of six players, on a court that is separated by a long net. Each team can score a point by grounding the ball into the opponent’s part of the field. It has been a big part of the Summer Olympic Games, since 1964. There are a lot of ways one can bet on volleyball, and as with every other sport your best option is to first learn its types of bets and its rules. Once you have mastered everything you need to know have fun placing a bet in a Volleyball match!


Hockey: has two different version of the game, it can be played on a proper field or on the ice. It is a family of sports where two teams try to maneuver a ball, or a puck, into the goal of their opponent with a hockey stick. However, even if this is one of the well-known sports to bet on, hockey has a lot of different ways you are able to wager your money. Some of these bets can even get very confusing, but there are a lot of different articles on the internet that could help you start.


Baseball: is another bat-and-ball game, and it is played between two teams that both have 9 players. The offence needs to score more runs than their opponents by hitting a ball that will be thrown by the pitcher. This sport has a lot of rules regarding the game, and about the same amount of rules regarding its betting opportunities, there are a lot of different lines and odds, they are just all over the place. The bets range from money line bets to futures bets, to prop bets, and a lot more.



American football: is a very interesting sport, and it is followed by an old phrase that says that football is a sport that we are playing with our arms, legs and shoulders, but mainly we have to use the neck up part of our body. Like in most of the sports, it is played by two teams that have eleven players, on a rectangular court. The offence needs to take the ball and advance at least 10 yards in 4 downs to be able to receive a set. It is not a difficult sport to understand and you will definitely have a lot of fun while wagering your money on football.


Golf: is a ball sport, that takes absolute precision. Here, the players that compete against teach other use a variety of different cubs with which they hit a ball over a lot of obstacles into a hole that is on a big field. Generally speaking about golf betting, there are three different types of bets you can make, which is one of the main reasons people like to bet on golf. You can place a bet on a certain golfer to win the game, you can bet that a golfer will be put in the top three places or that one golfer is going to end up in a higher place than another golfer.



After you read up on all of these sports, choose the one you liked the most or the one that you think will help you earn the most. However, always make sure you know exactly what you are doing, and never bet an amount you can’t afford to lose.…

Top 5 Online Poker Togel Rooms



When players first start out playing poker, they have no idea what poker sites are beneficial for them and which are not. Because they have no experience to go by, they end up signing up to the first room they see, which may not be a great, secure room. For these reasons, we have decided to list the top 5 online poker rooms, which in our opinion, should be the top 5 choices for any beginner player.


You will be hard stretched to find a player who wouldn’t recommend Pokerstars. It is simply the best poker site on the net. You will not find a site with traffic like it, and no room can beat its unique $1.5m Sunday tournament which brings the worlds best players together to battle it out for the elusive title of being the Sunday Million Champion. Also a week’s worth of fame in the poker world comes from winning the Sunday Million, which is fully deserved for coming through a field of thousands to win one of the hardest tournaments in the industry.


Pokerstars treats players exactly how they should be. They reward players for playing on their site with their VIP programme and poker store, and also give them top notch security so they never have to worry about the safety of their online poker money.


Full Tilt Poker


Full Tilt Poker heavily markets their brand on one thing, the ability for players to play with the worlds top poker pro’s. This is probably the biggest attraction of Full Tilt Poker, as the chance to play with players such as Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen and Tom “durrrr” Dwan, is too much to resist for any poker player.


They also offer fantastic software, which can be fully customised to the players needs. Whether you want to view avatars, turn them off, upload a custom background or auto reload your stack, it is all possible at Full Tilt Poker.


Aced Poker


Although many players may not have heard of this room, it is an up and coming room which is ready to take the poker industry by storm. Hosted on the Merge Network, Aced Poker has very unique ways of rewarding players. They have their interesting “Outs” programme which players are going crazy about and over $150,000 given away each month in freerolls to loyal players. Carbon Poker is another great poker room on the Merge Network.


The big news in the poker world that Jamie Gold has signed for this site has definitely increased traffic for the site as well. Before the signing you would have been hard stretched to find a regularly running high stakes game, but now with so many players wanting to play and bust Jamie Gold, the tables are filled more often.


Party Poker


Former number one site in the world, Party Poker unfortunately doesn’t offer its services to US players. Despite this, it should still be a serious contender for any European Togel poker beginner. They have also recently had a huge face lift, making their tables and lobby much more attractive and have improved playability.


Titan Poker


Again, Titan Poker has closed it doors to US players but should not be a turn off for European players. They offer some of the juiciest games on the net, with most players at small limits being beginners themselves and very soft competition for any semi-experienced player.


They offer a good software which is simple and focused on usability for the player then extravagant features. We respect this as the number one thing a player wants is to be able to comfortably play poker for as long as they wish. At Titan Poker this is easily possible and whether you want to play marathon sessions of multi-tabling, you will never be in a second of discomfort.…

Fishing game in Onlinecasinoswiki

Interested In Blackjack Tournaments and fishing game in Onlinecasinoswiki?



Blackjack has always been embraced warmly given its exciting game line. Today it’s even dominant in the virtual casinos which also organize for great blackjack tournaments accompanied by great prize pools. Some of them require a minimal entry fee while others are entirely free to take part in. The online blackjack tours come in two formats, the traditional one and also the trendy elimination blackjack rounds. There are plenty of major globally televised tournaments of blackjack including Ultimate Blackjack Tour and World Series of Blackjack.


If you too are interested in online blackjack tours, it’s better to consult a reliable web casino guide. Latest Casino Bonuses would be a wonderful example here which features a completely different section dedicated to blackjack tours. Just click on to it and you will get a long series of upcoming tournaments of the game along with all their relevant info. The visitors are informed of the tournament names, their entry fee, prize pools, starting time and host casino. You will even find substantial reviews on the host casinos from the page. Moreover, the esteemed casino guide also provides you with a detailed info on the blackjack tours, their formats, rules and even some winning strategies.


Online blackjack- a favourite among blackjack players


An online casino is a better version of the land casino. Anyone can now play casino games from the comforts of their home. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. The casinos which are online are user friendly and give the same excitement and fun to players. Some casinos are even live where you need a webcam to watch the dealers and other players. The casinos also give you a chance to carry on live chat with the other players. This does not make you feel that you are playing alone. You can discuss game strategies and learn tips from experienced players.


Blackjack is game which is commonly played in casinos like fishing game in Onlinecasinoswiki. It is a card game and an easy one to play. A whole deck of 52 cards is used in the game. The goal of the game is to reach a value of 21. The player who reaches 21 first wins the game. You need to know the value of the cards before you start playing. The game requires you to be patient. You need to concentrate and analyze the cards. Some people therefore say this game is a difficult one. You can neither exceed 21 nor can you have a value less than 21.



Data sgp

Serba Serbi Barcelona vs Juventus, Leg 2 Perempatfinal Liga Champios Data sgp



Serba Serbi Barcelona vs Juventus, Leg 2 Perempatfinal Liga Champios 2017.

*Juventus memenangkan 5 laga belakangan mereka di Liga Champions, dan tidak kebobolan pada 7 dari 9 laga terakhirnya di ajang ini (selama 441 menit belakangan belum kebobolan).

*Juventus memenangkan seluruh laga tandangnya di Liga Champions 2016/2017: 4-0 vs Dinamo Zagreb, 1-0 vs Lyon, 3-1 vs Sevilla, 2-0 vs Porto.

*Juventus memenangkan 34 dari 42 laga kompetisi Eropa usai menang di leg 1. Termasuk 5 diantaranya usai menang 3-0 di leg 1, meski mereka kalah skor di leg 2.

*Rapor Juventus saat jumpa wakil Spanyol di Eropa (sistem 2 leg): 8 lolos, 6 tersingkir. Rapor away mereka ke Spanyol: 4 menang, 5 seri, 15 kalah. Dan rapor adu penalti mereka di Eropa: 3 menang, 2 kalah.

*Kunjungan terakhir Juventus ke Barcelona membawa pulang kemenangan 2-1 (extra time) pada leg 2 perempat final Liga Champions Data sgp 22 April 2003.


*Tercipta total gol lebih dari 2,5 pada 8 dari 9 laga teraktual Barcelona di Liga Champions.

*Rataan gol Barcelona di kandang sendiri pada 6 laga terakhir di berbagai ajang: 4,5 gol/laga.

*Barcelona dalam jalur menang di kandang 15 kali beruntun di kompetisi antar klub Eropa sejak Luis Enrique mengambil alih jabatan pelatih.

*Barcelona menang 9 dan meraih 3 imbang dari 12 lawatan terakhir wakil Italia ke Camp Nou pada ajang Eropa, dengan 3 yang terakhir dimenangkan dengan selisih gol 16-3.


*Khusus untuk kalah 0-3 pada leg 1 di ajang Eropa, Barcelona pernah mengalaminya sebanyak 5 kali, tapi mampu membalikkan keadaan pada 3 kesempatan (vs Ipswich Town 1977/1978, vs Anderlecht 1978/1979, dan vs IFK Goteborg 1985/1986) semuanya lewat drama adu penalti.

*Rapor adu penalti Barca di Eropa: 5 menang, 1 kalah. Rapor Barca lawan klub Italia di Eropa (sistem 2 leg): 8 lolos, 3 tersingkir.


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