The Decline of UFAPoker Tournaments in Nevada

We as tournament poker players blame casinos for the lack of interest in poker tournaments and maybe justifiably so. If the casino is unaware of our existence and assumes that we only frequent their establishments to play in poker tournaments and get buffet comps, then they are justified in thinking we are not a valuable customer. How many times have you heard “He’s only a poker player?” Most poker tournament players are not aware of the fact that tournaments in themselves generate very little, if any, revenue on their own. Some even lose money. I know most of you can’t believe that, but trust me, it is the truth. However, the casinos do benefit from poker tournaments in other areas, such as, pit play, gift shops, restaurants, slot machines, video poker machines, sports betting, shows, keno, not to mention the rooms we occupy. So how do we change their attitudes about the average poker tournament player? First they have to know where we spend money outside the poker room. This is very important. The way to do that is simple, use a “Players Tracking Card.”


I realize that many of you would like to remain anonymous and not have your wins and losses in other areas of the casino known. I also understand not wanting to be put on numerous mailing lists for fear of being pestered. Most of us just want to come and play UFA and be left alone. Well, we need to change the way we feel so the casinos will in turn value our presence. The only way to keep tournaments alive and well in Nevada is by corporate awareness. The “suits” upstairs in the executive offices must be made aware of our value. The Players Tracking Card can do this for us. We need to let the casinos know we exist and that we “crossover” into other areas of the casino. We can best do that by filling out a short form telling them who we are and why we are in the casino. After doing that, we need to use the card everywhere we spend money. That will show the casinos we are an asset to them and not a liability.


The length of the tournament determines how long players will be registered in the hotel. In my experience as a tournament player, I have spent anywhere from three days to three weeks in one casino. That’s a long time and during that time I’m likely to spend a lot of money in all areas of the casino, as we all do.


I personally do not want to see tournaments leave Nevada forever, so PLEASE use your Players Tracking Card. What more can you do? Take this information seriously and follow up. The benefits may surprise you and can only increase the more you use your card. Please identify yourself as a poker player so all of us will benefit. Let’s be heard, we deserve the same perks as other casino customers. Help us bring tournament poker back to Nevada where it belongs.


This article was inspired by Mike Gainey, Poker Room Manager at the Reno Hilton. Mike is the person responsible for the success of the Pot of Gold and the Cup of Gold poker tournaments at the Reno Hilton. Their successes helped him convince the executives to welcome the upcoming “World Poker Challenge” to be held in January, 2001. Motivated poker people like Mike Gainey make it possible for us to have poker tournaments, so let’s do our part. We can help make it a success and show our appreciation by using our Tracking Cards throughout the casino and making corporate aware of our value.


Wishing you the nuts, but not if I’m in the pot.





The Dealer’s ligaz11 Story

There have been three poisoning deaths at the Las Vegas Majestic’s Poker Room. The Chief of Poker Room Security, Talbot, The Poker Cop, continues the investigation.

I call the LVPD Switchboard. I ask for Detective Rook, Chief of the Las Vegas Strip Police. “Ex-detective Talbot,” Rook says, “what have you done this time?” I ignore this. “Rook. I’m at the Majestic Poker Room. I’ve got three fatalities, possible poisoning victims, all dead within minutes of each other, all elderly, all players from the same table, all with Poker Room Bar drinks in their hands. Fallon’s shutting down the poker room bar. I don’t how many victims we’re going to have but it’s already ugly and could get a lot uglier.” I stop. Listen. Rook is dispatching EMS units. The ERs at Vegas General and Mercy Hospital are alerted for casualties. He comes back on the line, “I’m five minutes away. I want you to . . .”

“Lock down the crime scene. Identify all possible witnesses and hold them for questioning. Obtain any and all surveillance tapes for your viewing pleasure. Isolate possible victims. Prepare them for emergency treatment and transport. All while not disturbing the crime scene or degrading the evidence.”

Rook hangs up.

I’m dialing Casino Surveillance, when Georgette Olde, our own Captain Video, walks into the poker room with her laptop. I tell her to set up in Joey’s office and wait for the Strippers (the LVPD Strip cops).

In Joey Rosenberg’s office the surviving Sinners sit very still. The paramedic is keeping them under observation, flashing lights into eyes, taking their blood pressure, checking their pulses, and waiting for something to happen. Nothing has.

Red Penny walks into Joey’s office, looks at the three remaining Sinners like they’re lab rats, and asks the paramedic, “Who’s going to be next?”

“Excuse me,” says Voodoo Sue, “this is unpleasant enough without your morbid curiosity.”

Red Penny looks at very worried Sinners, gives them an insincere, “Sorry.”

I tell her, “Penelope. Everyone seems OK.”

Rook walks in. He’s yelling into the cellphone “I don’t care. I want those autopsies done now!” Rook hangs up. Asks me, “What’s the body count up to?”

This time it’s Iron Mike who objects. Rook ignores him.

I tell Rook, “Three dead, 10:10, 10:12, 10:14. That was twenty-five minutes ago. If our three dead were poisoned it must have been fast-acting. If anything else was going to happen it would have by now.”

“OK,” says Rook. “You got blood from everyone?” he asks the paramedic who nods yes and hands Rook three blood-filled vials, each marked with a Sinner’s name. Rook places them in an envelope marked “Evidence” and tells a Stripper to take them to the LVPD Crime Lab for a full toxicology screen. “Tell them,” he says, “I needed the results yesterday.”

Rook says to me, “I’m going to get everybody’s ligaz11 statements now,” he lowers his voice, “just in case.”

“Hey!” shouts Brooklyn Phil, “no one else is dying here tonight.”

Rook give him a “we’ll see” look and turns away.

The Detective knows there’s turf war between Red Penny, Chief of Casino Security, and me, Chief of Poker Room Security. He does not want to be a casualty.

“Which of you two Casino Cops do I have to deal with?”

Red Penny and I give each other a pre-fight-to-the-death alpha-male/dominant-female look. One dead in the poker room, my jurisdiction, two dead on the casino floor, her jurisdiction. I turn to Rook, “Both of us.”

Red Penny decides she can live with it, “Both of us.”

“Well, isn’t this lovely?” Rook grumbles, “Beauty and The Beast.”

The three surviving Sinners – Iron Mike, Voodoo Sue and Brooklyn Phil – are interviewed one by one.

Susanne DeMourier is in her late seventies, white-haired Cajon-Creole woman originally from New Orleans. Sue, who likes to unnerve hitchhikers with her unblinking dead-eyed stare, plays an aggressive, take-no-prisoners hold’em when pickpocketing tourists in low stakes ring games and a solid, no-nonsense hold’em when playing in high stakes tournaments. Joey, who thirty years ago dealt stud in the backrooms of the French Quarter’s jazz and smoke bars, says even then she was called Voodoo Sue.

Rook asks two questions, “Did you notice anything out of the ordinary at the poker table?” to which she answers, “No, nothing, nothing at all,” and “What did you have to drink?” to which she answers, “Coffee, black.”

Rook thanks Voodoo Sue and writes: Subject reports nothing out of the ordinary.

Sue gets up to leave, stops, says to Red Penny, “What would your momma say if she knew you dressed like a slut?” and walks out.

Philip F. Tulip, in his mid-sixties, is a tall emaciated ex-Nuyawker who has lost neither his thick accent nor his smug attitude. An undisciplined cash game player, break-even in Hold’em, indifferent in Omaha, mediocre in Stud, Phil plays mistake-free survivalist tournament poker, which has allowed him to take a lot of money away from the Majestic’s tournament tables. Phil’s trademark is a faded Brooklyn Dodgers’ baseball cap. We call him Brooklyn Phil.

Rook asks the same two questions, “Did you notice anything out of the ordinary at the poker table?”

“I just won $10,000 in a big-money tournament, but that wasn’t out of the ordinary, otherwise no.”

“What did you have to drink?” to which he answers, “Milk, I had surgery a couple of week ago and the doctors won’t let me drink anything else.”

Rook thanks Tulip and writes: Subject reports nothing out of the ordinary.

I help Tulip, who has trouble straightening up, out of the room. “Should I congratulate you on winning?”

To which he replies, “Talbot, I’d give it all back in a New York minute to see Mississippi, Eddie, and Jimmy again.”

Miguel Segovia is in his early eighties. Miguel fought, professionally, as a lightweight, in his native Mexico. His seven year record was 64 and 1. That 1 was a beating that left him in a wheelchair for the last fifty years. Miguel plays a straightforward, in-your-face, out-of-my-way poker. If Miguel checks, and you bet, and you see his hands shaking it’s not from his fear, it’s from your stupidity. We call him Iron Mike.

Rook, who gives a new definition to the word “plodding,” asks the same two questions, “Did you notice anything out of the ordinary at the poker table?”

“No. I played, I lost, I went to find another game to play.”

Rook asks, “What did you have to drink?” to which he answers, “Iced tea.”

Rook thanks Iron Mike and writes: Subject reports nothing out of the ordinary.

Miguel, wheeling himself out, suddenly spins his chair back to face us, “Who did this?” I tell him, “We’ll find out.”

The dealers are next. Lisa, Teddy, Donny had all dealt to the Final Table.

Rook asks all three the same question, “Did you notice anything out of the ordinary?”

Lisa tells Rook, “No.” Rook writes: Subject reports nothing out of the ordinary.

Teddy tells Rook, “No.” Rook writes: Subject reports nothing out of the ordinary.

Donny tells Rook, “Hell, yes!”

We are all surprised. Donny tells this story, “I had only been dealing for maybe ten minutes, just around 10:00 whole table suddenly goes on tilt. The Rocks turned into Maniacs. No one checked. No one limped. They bet with rags, raised with blanks, and re-raised with garbage. “Tonight the people I thought I knew acted like strangers.”

I’m thinking, Wild betting, raising and re-raising, without good cards, at the Final Table of a Seniors Freeze-out Hold’em Tournament! What the hell was going on?

This is what Rook, who has never mastered the intricacies of Old Maid let alone the subtleties of Go Fish, says, “I know they were betting, raising, and re-raising, they were playing poker weren’t they?” Detective Rook puts on his best I’m-talking-to-you-stupid voice and says slowly, “Listen carefully to the question, Mr. Donnatello. Did you witness anything out of the ordinary?”

“I just told you I did. Rocks never bet early and raise often. Hello?”

“Donny,” I step in before the yelling starts, “we have video of the final table. Let’s go back to the final hand, and you can take us through what you saw.”

Georgette has her laptop attached to Casino Surveillance’s Video Playback, which is in turn plugged into Joey’s oversized HDTV. The opening deal of the final hand of the Sinners Tournament is cued up.

“OK,” says Donny, “the gang’s all here. Let me set this up. Two hands previous, Iron Mike, the chip leader, gets into a suicidal raising war with Jimmy the Gent, who had almost as many chips. Mike shows down second and third pair. Jimmy busts out with an Ace Face.

“On the next hand Iron Mike, now with more chips than everybody else combined, and Mississippi, with maybe half as many chips, force Brooklyn Phil all-in on Fourth Street, and they lose to Phil’s top two pair when they showdown . . . nothing, a busted straight, to the low end, and a pair of red sevens.

“And that brings us to the Final Hand: The limits here are $600-$1200. Six players. Brooklyn Phil’s in the 3 with the button. Mississippi Mudd’s in the 5, has the small blind. Voodoo Sue’s in the 6 with the big blind, Cheap Eddie’s Under the Gun in the 7, and Iron Mike’s behind the 8-Ball. Run the tape, please.”

“Hold on,” says Red Penny. “Tal, would you please explain, for those of us non-poker players. . .”

“Sure. The game is limit hold’em. The bets, at this stage of the tournament, are in increments of $600, for the first two betting rounds, and $1,200 thereafter. Two players make forced bets before they ever see their cards, the Small Blind puts up half the minimum bet, $300, the Big Blind puts up the minimum bet, $600. If you want to play you have to call the bet. Best five card poker hand wins. Two cards to each player. First player after the Big Blind starts by either betting or raising. The other players can either fold, call or raise. Limit of three raises. First betting round is based on the hole cards. Then three community cards are dealt face-up. Second betting round. A fourth card is dealt face-up. A third betting round. A fifth, and final, card is dealt face-up. A fourth betting round. A showdown. Best five card poker hand wins.”

“Sounds easy,” says Rook.

Donny snorts. Rook glares.

Let’s just see the tape,” says Red Penny, who nods to Georgette.

The game begins. Donny starts a running commentary on the play.

“I deal them each two and . . .Cheap Eddie, short stacked, bets. OK. Stop. They don’t call Cheap Eddie cheap for no reason. Now I know, and so does every player at that table, that Rocky Raccoon here only raises from Under The Gun with Rockets and Cowboys.

“Tal,” asks Rook, “what’s going on?”

Donny shakes his head. I tell Rook, “Eddie Sherry is, by reputation, a Rock, a disciplined, conservative, low-risk gambler, who would not, from the first betting position, where he’s vulnerable to possible raises after him, voluntarily raise the blind bet, if he did not have a monster pair, Rockets, Aces, or Cowboys, Kings.

“Could he be bluffing?” asks Red Penny.

“No. Not with a short stack. He would never risk getting a bluff called by a bigger stack.”

So. What’s everybody else going to do,” asks Rook, “give up?”

“Based on the player. Based on the player’s position. That’s exactly what they should do. Run the tape, please. Donny?”

“OK. Now I’m thinking fold, fold, fold, fold,. What I get is re-raise, re-re raise, call, call.”

I watch, in disbelief, as Iron Mike, Brooklyn Phil, and Voodoo Sue, all of whom told me nothing out of the ordinary had happened, re-raise, re-re-raise, and call three raises. Mississippi, in the small blind, not only calls but splashes the pot doing …

situs pkv

Cash Out When You’re Ahead!

One of the dangers of gambling online is the fact that there is no time pressure. If you go to Vegas you typically spend a few days there so you try to cram it all in in a short space of time. When it comes time to leave, you’re either ahead or you’ve lost, and I don’t think too many people cut a vacation short because they won a sum of money! Many, many more extend their stay in the hope of recovering some of their losses, however.


When you’re playing at an online casino, it’s always there 24/7/365 – you don’t have to worry about catching your flight the next morning. The temptation is great to just leave any winnings in the casino so that you can play later, because when you cash out it usually takes a week or three to receive the funds, and in doing so many people lose their winnings right back. RESIST THAT TEMPTATION!


Any time you have set a goal and achieved it, you should cash out at the end of the session. Some casinos have what they call a “reverse cash-in” option, which at first glance is a neat way to change your mind, but in reality it’s the Devil waiting for you to open the door. I’ve had people ask me how in the world they can disable the option to do a reverse cash-in, and guess what? No can do, short of deleting the casino from your computer. It is important that you have discipline if you want to make money gambling.


If you are playing at a casino where you have to wait a week or two for a PIN number to cash out (Boss Media casinos come to mind), just STOP playing until your PIN arrives. I do know of one person who just couldn’t lose, and the PIN number took almost three weeks to arrive! But she’s one of a very few people who were beneficiaries of a lucky run. In the end she did cash out as soon as her PIN number arrived for about $1,500, left $40 in the account, and almost IMMEDIATELY hit another big slot payout! I hope her luck rubs off on me but judging by my gambling exploits lately, it hasn’t happened yet.


When you gamble, don’t invest your entire bankroll at once. Deposit your situs pkv session limit, and if you lose it, quit. Don’t deposit more than you plan to play with.


If you win, simply cash out, stay AWAY from the reverse cash-in option. Use a portion of your remaining budget to gamble at another casino if you must – especially if you can take advantage of a bonus situation. There are more than 800 casinos at last count on the Net. Surely there must be another place which is worth having a look at.


Compare it to a trip to Vegas. How many of you settle down in a hotel and gamble EXCLUSIVELY at that one hotel? Ask yourself this question: are you really getting the best value for your money? There are so many exciting and interesting places to visit, and you’re going to ignore them and stay in the same casino the whole trip? I certainly have done that on occasion, but I find that visiting other places and casinos makes for a much more interesting trip – on my last trip I went around part of the Strip and the Downtown areas and signed up to get slot cards from each place! I now have a collection of about 15 cards and on my next trip I hope to get another 15. Kind of neat to stick them up on the wall to show where you’ve been.


But I digress. The whole point of cashing out is to maximize your profits, giving your more money to visit other casinos or even finance a trip to a real casino. There are exceptions, of course, like if you are earning reward points or comps, but in a previous article I explained why you do NOT want to play for comps online – at least not yet.


Rarely, if ever, should you leave your money in a casino account. Even if you are behind, it might be wise to take the money out. All it takes is for your computer to crash, and suddenly you are faced with a nightmare in trying to recover your money from the casino – proof of identity, account numbers and passwords, and so on. Remember, the cash-out button is your best friend!


There are simply too many sob stories of how someone took a small amount and ran it to many thousands only to lose it all back because they thought they were invincible, or the streak was still on, whatever. Manage your money. Play with the casino’s money, not yours. If you achieve your goal, cash out. Hopefully it’s as simple as that for most of you.…


10 Sure Ways to Lose Money at Online Casinos!

Got a big inheritance that’s burning a hole in your pocket? Feeling embarrassed over your big jackpot win at Get Rich Here Casino? Or maybe you’re just a shocking good thief and it’s time to unload some of your hoarded wealth. Have we got the answer for you: 10 ways to lose it online, fast!

Here’s my fav: Sic Bo. It’s a three-dice game similar to the very appropriately named Grand Hazard. Either way the game is a minefield of lousy bets. Like to give the house a 47.2% advantage? Then try the “totals” bet of 5 or 16. How about a specific pair at 33.3% to the house? The only halfways decent odds are “Small” or “Big” at a house edge of 2.7% but you’ll have to look carefully to find that bet. If you like dice games, learn Craps. If it’s the exotics that attract you, try betting on camel races.

Another big waster of a game is Keno. The odds vary, but the house edge ranges from 25 to 29% depending on the number of picks, wins, etc. Aficionados will praise the “way” and “combination” bets, but they’re talking about making the best of a bad thing.

Take the direct approach to losing money online: get really drunk before logging on, belly up to a game of Video Poker and speed-play, say 40-50 hands a minute. Very effective.

Here’s another way to maximize your losses at Video Poker. Since a full-pay 9/6 machine only gives a 0.5% advantage to the house, go for something more challenging like an 8/5 (2.7% house advantage) or best of all a nice 6/5 machine that throws a full 5.0% the house’s way. And while you’re at it keep trying to fill that broken, low-end Straight.

Sit in on an online poker game without knowing even the basic 789bet rules. After all, you can learn as you go, right? And if you’re the selective sort, start with a nice little $10-$20 multi-player Texas Hold’em. It’s relatively easy to lose $1000 a hand if you like to hang in there just to see what the other guys have got.

Need a quick buck-waster at the Craps table? Try the “Any Seven” bet. Your odds are five-to-one, you’ll only get paid at four-to-one, and you’re sacrificing a 16.67% advantage to the house. Bet heavily, you’ll be able to logoff sooner.

Here’s a nice easy one: go to an unlicensed online casino with a shabby website using unknown software, but be sure not to research the casino first and don’t read any of their policies or “fine print.” Now hand them your credit card and if you win anything, pray you’ll collect your winnings in a reasonable time frame.

Like to squander in style? Put on your tux, get a seat at a high-stakes Baccarat table where the Tie pays 8-to-1 and bet only on Tie. That’s a 14.4% advantage the house gets and with this particular game it’ll all be over soon. But hey, you look good while you’re doing it. And don’t forget the immortal line: “Broke, dead broke.”

Go to an online gambling portal that mysteriously only recommends five casinos that all look alike, use the same software and are operated by domains registered to the same company. It’s especially good if the site blacklists all other casinos.

Last but not least, make sure not to check your credit card records at the end of the month. The disreputable — or accident prone — casinos have been known to double or even triple bill player’s cards without batting an eyelash. But you don’t care about that sort of thing do you, Big Guy? It’s only money money money.…

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Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya Launches All-new Java Games

CCN Newswire – CryptoLogic Inc., a leading software supplier to the Internet gaming and e-commerce industries, today announced the launch of instant-play Java versions of 14 of its most popular casino games.

The ease of no-download Java games supports CryptoLogic’s strategy to offer consumer-friendly products to help its licensees extend their market reach and create profitable, sustainable Internet businesses.

“CryptoLogic’s new no-download Internet casino games offer quick and easy play, and a strong appeal to the casual gamer,” said president and CEO Jean Noelting.

“Internet gaming is moving to mainstream entertainment, and the ease of Java games will help our licensees attract new players and target the larger recreational market. People can play right away using Java games, or enjoy a richer gaming experience by downloading our state-of-the-art software. It’s all about choice.”

Backed by the technical excellence and proven security features for which CryptoLogic is known, players can simply click and immediately start enjoying the same great online casino games with these new Java-based versions.

Java technology provides a robust Togel Singapore gaming experience without the wait of a large software download. Players gain ease-of-use, instant-play, and increased choice within a single account – they can try games quickly and easily before committing to a download, get playing right away while downloading the richer software games in the background, easily switch between Java or download games, or enjoy the convenience of being able to play on different computers. Because Java is platform independent, licensees can also tap into an expanded new market – Macintosh users.

CryptoLogic’s initial Java offering features the favorites – Blackjack and Spice Island Poker table games, as well as eight Video Poker games and four Java Video Slots including popular progressive jackpot games, Super Jackpot, and Shoot-O-Rama.

New Atlantis Fortune Casino Hits the Net

Atlantis Fortune – The new Atlantis Fortune Casino boasts an unprecedented 87 casino games, a massive sign-up bonus, and the most exciting promotions on the Internet. As the newest member of the Jackpot Madness Gaming Network, Atlantis Fortune brings you the magic and adventure of the Lost City.

Finding something unique and special in a sea of online casinos can be a difficult task for seasoned online gamers. Recently launched Atlantis Fortune Casino aims to make life easier for game and feature-hungry players with an unprecedented collection of 87 exciting casino games.

These include 22 stimulating slots, multi-hand Blackjack and an assortment of Video Pokers, as well as casino classics like roulette, craps and baccarat. A member of the huge Jackpot Madness network, the new casino also features the Microgaming-powered progressives for players who enjoy playing for the Internet’s largest progressive jackpots.

Special introductory promotions include a “Triple-Your-Money” sign-up bonus, a $10,000 Lottery, and Fortune Club Loyalty program, among other special offers for real players.

“We anticipate that Atlantis Fortune will quickly become a favorite. With both Flash and download options as well as 87 delightful games, it offers something for everyone,” commented Patrick Quinn, Atlantis Fortune Customer Care Manager.

“Atlantis Fortune was designed to provide players with everything they need for a superior gaming experience: lots of great feature-rich games, fast and secure purchases and payouts, great customer service, frequent promotions, and the security of knowing they’re playing at a Microgaming-powered casino.”…

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Judi Slot littlewoodscasino.com Goes Live in Isle Of Man

TORONTO — CryptoLogic Inc. (NASDAQ:CRYP; TSX:CRY) today announced that littlewoodscasino.com, powered by CryptoLogic software, is now live in the strictly regulated Internet gaming jurisdiction of the Isle of Man. Operated by Littlewoods Leisure, one of the U.K.’s most established and best-known gaming brands, littlewoodscasino.com was granted one of the first interactive gaming licences issued by the Isle of Man authorities. The certification of CryptoLogic’s software by the Isle of Man government is a prime example of the Company’s commitment to leadership in regulated Internet gaming worldwide.


“The future of Internet gaming lies in trusted brand names like Littlewoods operating in highly regulated jurisdictions,” said Lewis Rose, CryptoLogic’s Interim President and CEO. “Having both our gaming and e-cash software certified to the strict Isle of Man regulations was a major milestone, and we expect to see continued growth in the U.K. and European markets as more and more customers recognize the benefits of operating in a Tier-one regulated environment.”


CryptoLogic has always advocated that fair and responsible gaming is the best solution for players, customers and governments. Choosing CryptoLogic software allows Littlewoods to offer a fully customized, customer-oriented Internet casino in compliance with the Isle of Man’s licensing regulations.


Littlewoodscasino.com offers 16 single and multi-player casino games, and incorporates extensive consumer safeguards including player identification; physical address verification; deposit, withdrawal and bet limits for fraud control, anti-money laundering and responsible gaming; an account lock feature; online player game and e-cash logs; and geographic restrictions. Littlewoodscasino.com will not accept bets from U.S. players.


CryptoLogic Announces the Launch of Ritz Club London


TORONTO — CryptoLogic Inc. (NASDAQ:CRYP; TSX:CRY) announced today that The Ritz Club London Online (www.theritzclublondon.com) is now live and open for business using CryptoLogic’s leading e-gaming technology.


Grown out of one of the finest gaming brands in the world, The Ritz Club London Online will focus on meeting the needs of its exclusive high-value membership while at the same time enabling a full spectrum of players to experience the superior standard of customer care for which The Ritz Club London is known.


“We are very proud to have been entrusted by The Ritz Club London to bring its heritage of security and sophistication to the Internet,” said Lewis Rose, CryptoLogic’s Interim President and CEO. “Focusing on both existing high value members and new players, this association fits perfectly with our strategy of expansion in the rapidly-growing European and international markets.”


Located in London’s historic Ritz Hotel, The Ritz Club London is a venue that evokes the great Edwardian gilded Judi Slot casinos of Europe. The Ritz Club London Online casino carries the same cachet, and a highly customized slate of 26 casino games includes multi-player Blackjack, American Roulette, European Roulette, Baccarat, Casino Stud Poker and Let-It-Ride Poker.


“After a meticulous evaluation of potential suppliers, CryptoLogic was our first and only choice to bring to the Internet the high standards and operating procedures that set The Ritz Club London apart,” said Kelly Moulton, CEO of The Ritz Club London Online. “The Ritz Club London is synonymous with quality and trust, and CryptoLogic has carried this tradition of excellence and the highest level of customer service to our Internet Casino.”…

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Nervous Dominoqq Pkv Barça put on a brave face

Here in Spain, the main Yuletide celebration is not Christmas Day but Los Reyes (the Kings), the Epiphany, the 6th of January or Twelfth Night, the date when the baby Jesus delivers presents to the good children of Iberia in the same way the three wise men from the east brought gifts to him.


Last night, Barcelona’s three kings, Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez, mirrored the end of the festive season by uniting in perfect symmetry to cheer one of Suarez’s strikes. Barça downed a disappointing Atletico Madrid 3-1 to remain in second in La Liga, hot on the heels of their big city rivals.


With these three wise men up front, surely the blaugrana will catch Dominoqq Pkv los merengues, one point ahead with a game in hand.


Well, not necessarily. Leaving aside the off-field angst which saw Carlos Puyol and Antoni Zubizarreta given the heave-ho last week while talk of Messi falling out with Luis Enrique swirled around the Camp Nou, Barcelona are still not playing anything like champions.


Suarez appears to have found his scoring boots at long last but does not anything like the danger man he was at Liverpool, where at times he looked like he was the best striker in the world.


Neymar has not exploded onto the scene as billed, but is providing a useful addition to an attack carefully structured to make the most of Messi.


When Messi has space to run into, as he was granted last night by a somewhat overawed Atletico, he can still destroy defences, but how long will it be until his phenomenal scoring record starts to crack?


Despite a decisive win against one of their closest rivals, the crowd last night was far from enraptured, with more applauding than cheering. It was a somewhat ill-tempered affair with nine bookings, including Messi and Suarez, a couple of nearly melees and the odd sight of the Argentine pocket genius giving away a cheap penalty.


Deep down a sense of unease pervades the Camp Nou and may only disappear if Enrique loses his job, probably in the summer recess. The press think they are definitely on to something with him and Messi, a suspicion given succour by Enrique’s marked failure to applaud his number ten’s latest prizegiving ceremony on Sunday.


To add to their woes, this month the Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld the ban on Barcelona buying players until January 2016, leaving next summer’s long transfer window unopenable.


While their youth academy La Masia remains the stuff of legend for having produced six of Spain’s 2010 World Cup team as well as the lion’s share of Pep Guardiola’s golden generation, including the holy trinity of Messi, Xavi and Andres Iniesta, it alone is unlikely to be able to take the strain.


I watched their second eleven Barcelona B in action recently against fellow Liga Adelante (national second division) outfit Ponferradina. The blaugrana reserves had clearly been schooled in their seniors’ style, passing confidently and quickly in a 4-3-3 formation and maintaining circulation of the ball.


In 18 year-old striker Adama Traore they had a dangerous young marksman who I would be surprised not to see stepping up to La Liga. He has made one substitute appearance for Barcelona’s first team already and the trouble he caused the Ponferradina defence he could surely cause elsewhere.


Croatian midfielder Alen Halilovic, also 18, is another rising star who could well follow in the footsteps of fellow countrymen Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic, who play their trade at Real and Barça respectively.


Their Spanish goalkeeper Adrian Ortolá and centre-backs Frank Bagnack (Cameroon) and Edgar Ié (Portugal) passed the ball out of defence on the deck at every opportunity. But being palpably short of experience with an average age of only 20, they played their way into trouble too many times when a ball into space or touch would have been the better option.


Twice Barça B led by two goals in Ponferrada but twice let their hosts come back to equalize, a crazy match finishing 4:4.


Right now, La Masia’s production line is nothing to get excited about, as Barça B dangle one point above the relegation zone of the Spanish second division.


Guardiola has left an enormously long shadow in Catalonia, having raised the bar so high he has sensibly ruled himself out of any return. “You won’t see a better Barça team than that one”, I opined to a city taxi driver on a recent trip as we talked football the length of my ride from hotel to railway station.


“Oh yes, that’s true,” he concurred with a sigh of regret.


But last night’s team contained seven of the side who started the 2011 Champions League final against Manchester United, so it is impossible not to compare Enrique’s Barcelona to Guardiola’s, and the latter’s is still a country mile ahead.


With the Messi-Enrique contratemps, a sense of failure already hangs over this season at Barcelona. But with three trophies still very much up for grabs, the pessimists should really take a back seat.


The acid test could come on the 24th of February when the UEFA Champions League resumes and Barça must travel to Manchester City.


The return leg on the 18th of March is swiftly followed by the clásico with Real, who won comfortably 3-1 at the Bernabeu last October.




Pengeluaran Hk

Pengeluaran HkBobby Baldwin



Jesse May was kind enough to send me this great snippet written about Doyle by Bobby Baldwin, president and CEO of Mirage Resorts Inc. It is a quote from the first printing of his 1979 book, Bobby Baldwin’s Winning Poker Secrets, about the first time he played in the WSOP against Doyle in May 1976:


… Before the first day of competition, I had lunch with Doyle Brunson, who, although he had never won this tournament, was considered by most to be the best no-limit player in the world.


“How do you think I’ll do?” I asked him.


“You’ll do OK,” Brunson said softly. Then as if inspired, he said, “How ’bout a friendly wager? Two thousand says I’ll last longer than you will.”


Worst bet I ever made. Doyle won the tournament.


Next year, Doyle greeted me as soon as I set foot in the Horseshoe Club. “Are we on?” he asked.




He smiled broadly and, in his typically gentle manner, said, “Sure, for two thousand. We could make the same bet as last year.”


“No way!” I teased. “You’d have to spot me something like Pengeluaran Hk.”


“All right. I’ll give you two-to-one.”


Second-worst bet I ever made. Doyle won the championship again!


The next year, I said, “Don’t even ask, Doyle. I’m not betting you this year, so you’ll just have to scrape up two grand somewhere else.”


Worst laydown I ever made. I won the title!


“Texas Dolly”

Prior to our interview, I read a story about the press mistakenly reporting on “Texas Dolly” instead of “Texas Doyle,” which was his real nickname. I asked Doyle about it. “Yes, yes, it’s true,” he said. “Jimmy ‘the Greek’ Snyder is responsible for my nickname, in a roundabout way. He used to call me ‘Texas Doyle.’ One year when we were both at the World Series, he called me ‘Texas Doyle’; some reporters thought he said ‘Texas Dolly,’ and that’s how they reported it. I just shook my head and laughed. As you can see, the name stuck.”


Trump Board Game Out by Parker Brothers


NEW YORK – First the board room, now the board game. At his Fifth Avenue Tower on Wednesday, Donald Trump unveiled his newest business venture: a new Parker Brothers board game with high stakes dealmaking and dollar sums in the billions. Move over Mr. Monopoly.


Trump, the Game is played by up to four players bidding on real estate, buying big ticket items, such as islands and office buildings, and making billion-dollar business deals – just like The Donald does in real life.


There is, however, no gaming equivalent of bankruptcy, which has recently been a part of the Trump experience. On Aug. 9, Trump Hotel and Casino Resorts announced plans to file for Chapter 11 and to form a new corporate structure where Trump surrenders much of his control.


Of course, players can terminate their opponents using the two words – “You’re fired” – made famous on Trump’s reality TV show “The Apprentice.”


The Trump game “allows players to feel the power and make the deals,” said Mark Blecher, senior vice president of marketing at Hasbro Games (the parent company of Parker Brothers).


The game retails for $24.99.



situs poker

The Flowery Path: Why Europeans Play Poker

The precise origins of poker in the United States are hard to pin down. The all-American game was a mixture of French, German, and Persian card games that emerged from the New Orleans area in the form of draw poker around the first half of the 19th century, but no one can put a time or a date to it, nor can any individual from history claim to be the originator of the game.

In Europe, however, we can clearly state when and where the game of poker arrived on our shores, the most significant export from the New World since the potato. And we also know the name of the man who successfully introduced the game to a bunch of eager British aristocrats 132 years ago: an American soldier, diplomat, and lawyer by the name of Gen. Robert C. Schenck.


Schenck, born in Ohio in 1809, was an attorney who became a U.S. congressman in his 40s and then fought on the Union side during the American Civil War. The game of poker flourished during the War, and it is well documented that soldiers played a great deal of poker during this period. If he hadn’t already discovered the game, Schenck would surely have been a keen player by the end of active service.


If he ever skipped his deal, it is because Schenck suffered a severe injury to his right hand, requiring him to shake hands with his left for the rest of his life. Schenck sustained his injury in 1862 at the Second Battle of Bull Run, a murderous battle in which the Union side was crushed, just as they were in the First Battle of Bull Run. This suggests that Schenck’s skills were more political than military, and he swiftly returned to congress once the war was over. After several years of distinguished service, he was rewarded in 1870 with the prestigious post of U.S. Minister to Britain.


Contemporary records indicate that Schenck was a man of considerable social skills, able to work the room and charm the right people. He quickly became a popular figure at the Court of St James, according to Vanity Fair (19th-century London’s high-society magazine): “Despite lacking that grand air which is the result of tradition … he has been adopted by a certain influential section of society. Schenck is shrewd, energetic, full of hardy sense, the master of much acquired knowledge, provincial in tone, and a player in his time of many parts.”


Shrewd he most certainly was. He had arrived in London toward the end of a gambling binge that had begun with the economic boom that followed the Battle of Waterloo and did not go into decline until the late Victorians began to impose their set of values, which did not include gambling. Perhaps bored with the new morality, London society was ready for something new and a little exotic, and Schenck was the man to provide it.


Looking to seduce Great Britain to his favourite pastime, Schenck did what any sensible poker player would do and went straight for the easy money. He was attending a reception hosted by Her Majesty Queen Victoria, when he fell into conversation with a wealthy Duchess with a weakness for a flutter. According to writer W.J. Florence, Schenck wasted no time guiding her onto his favourite topic: “He described to her the beauties of poker is such a way that she became intensely interested, and begged him to write her out a set of rules and directions for playing the great American game.”


Schenck complied with the wishes of the Duchess, and in 1873 produced a pamphlet titled A Flowery Path to Wealth: The Game of Draw Poker as Taught to the English Aristocracy. Not only did this marvelously titled work provide the British with their first education in the game of poker, but it is also the earliest known situs poker guidebook published on either side of the Atlantic. As the founding textbook of the game, it does not add up to much, being simple in tone and stretching to just four pages, but for poker enthusiasts, The Flowery Path is a work of immense historical significance. It is now forgotten that the game was known in Britain as “schenck poker” for years afterward.


The publication of this pioneering work was to bring Schenck instant celebrity followed quickly by scandal and shame. He was so excited by the pamphlet’s success in London that he republished The Flowery Path in the United States, happily accepting the sponsorship of a new silver mining company that was allowed to put its name on the front cover. When the company proved to be entirely fraudulent, Schenck was severely embarrassed.


“He laid himself fairly open to criticism by embarking with a strange folly in a commercial speculation of a kind no Minister should adopt,” reported Vanity Fair, before adding in his defence that “the charges commonly made against him, that he is a professional writer on gambling, are too trivial and baseless to affect his reputation.”


Sadly, the affair was enough to bring the curtain down on Schenck’s diplomatic career, and he resigned soon thereafter to resume his private practice in Washington, DC. Schenck, who never returned to London, died in 1891. Many American writers and gamblers have helped popularise the game of poker among their limey cousins since the 19th century, with some significant success, but Robert C. Schenck has no rivals for the position as the father of British poker.…


Bola88 Queens Any Good?



I had two interesting hands come up recently during the 2005 L.A. Poker Classic at Commerce Casino. I was initially seated at a star-studded table of players, including Layne Flack, Sam Grizzle, Erick Lindgren, and Phil Hellmuth. On the very first hand of the tournament, with the blinds at $25-$50 and everyone starting with $10,000 in chips, Sam opened the pot for $300 from middle position. I called from the button with pocket sixes and the big blind called, as well. The flop came J-10-9 rainbow and the big blind checked. Sam reached for some chips, fumbled them for a second, and then checked to me. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of Sam’s chip-fumbling display, but I didn’t like the flop, so I checked right behind him.


The 6diamonds came on the turn, giving me a set of sixes and putting a possible diamond flush draw on the board. The big blind checked again, and Sam instantly fired out $1,000, slightly overbetting the pot. Now, I was quite confused as to what Sam had, given that he had checked the big-action flop and then made such a big bet on a seemingly harmless turn card. I thought he could have flopped a straight with K-Q or 8-7 and slow-played the flop, so I wasn’t sure that my set of sixes was good, even though I had a huge hand. I also was concerned that he could have a bigger set, although I would have figured him to bet a hand as vunerable as a set on the J-10-9 flop. I also thought it was likely that he was trying to pick the pot up with a big draw like the Adiamonds Qdiamonds, or with even fewer outs since the flop had checked around. After a little bit of pondering, I decided that I would just call his Bola88 bet and see what came off on the river and, more importantly, how he would act. The big blind folded and the river was an offsuit deuce.


Sam quickly led at the pot again, this time for $1,500, about half the size of the pot but still a very sizable bet, inasmuch as $1,500 was about 20 percent of our remaining stack. I was still quite unsure of what Sam held at this point, and was also unsure of whether to call or raise with my hand. I figured that if I raised, Sam would obviously put me all in with K-Q and may put me all in or at least call with any bigger set or smaller straight like 8-7 or the less likely Q-8. I also thought that he would probably fold any marginal hand that he was betting, since the way I played it by waiting until the river to raise would look like I probably held a monster hand like K-Q for the nut straight. I finally decided to just call again, and to my surprise, he flipped over A-J and I won the pot.


I was surprised he had played A-J the way he did, giving a free card on the flop with a strong but very vulnerable hand, and then betting the hand so strongly on the turn and again on the river. I was happy with how I played this hand based on my logic, but I was still scratching my head about it for a while, wondering what would have happened if I had raised on the turn or the river. If I had raised on the turn, I’m not sure what Sam would have done. He could have folded, called, or even moved all in, in which case I may have been forced to fold, putting him on a straight or a bigger set. If I made it $3,000 on the river, Sam may have called, which would have earned me another $1,500 in chips, but I really don’t like this play, as I put him on either a bluff or a big hand (one probably bigger than mine). So, raising on the river seems like a poor choice, since he either folds a bluff or wins more with a stronger hand.


The other interesting hand occurred later on day one after I had been moved to a different table. The blinds were $150-$300 with $50 antes. John Myung, a very strong tournament professional, raised it to $1,100. I looked down on the button to see two black queens staring back at me. I had $17,000 in chips at the start of this hand, and he had me covered. I pondered reraising, but I figured he would fold most hands that would be in trouble against me (like eights, nines, A-Q, A-J, or A-10), and would perhaps reraise me with A-K, kings, or aces. If he reraised me, it would put me in a tough spot, since it would be tough to lay down a hand as big as queens in this spot. I decided to just call his raise, and the flop came 10-4-2 with two diamonds.


John made a strong lead, betting $2,400. At this point I did not have much of a read on him. I figured that my overpair was probably good, but that he may have aces or kings or have flopped a set. The board seemed pretty non-threatening, so I thought I could just call and see what he did on the turn. Maybe then I would have a better clue as to what he was holding. I called and a jack came on the turn.


Now, he bet $4,000 into the $8,000 pot, just half the pot size but still a very sizable bet, since it was well over a quarter of my remaining chips. I went into deep thought for several minutes. I replayed the action of the hand in my mind over and over again, trying to decipher what he had. I was pretty sure he hadn’t put me on a starting hand as big as pocket queens, since I had just called him preflop and on the flop. I thought he may be making a big bluff with A-K or A-Q, hoping I would fold an underpair like eights or nines, or even an A-10. I also thought he could be protecting a big hand like aces, kings, a set, or possibly A-J, with which he would have turned top pair. I debated my three options of calling, folding, or raising. I felt like I could just not fold the hand, since I thought there was a fairly good chance that it was good. I considered calling, but the turn seemed to have brought many more possible draws that he could have, and I definitely did not want to give a hand as weak as A-K a chance to win a huge pot if an ace, king, or queen rolled off. I also thought that if I just called and a blank came off, he would bet all or most of my chips on the river with any better hand than mine, and I would likely have to call since the pot had more than $16,000 in it and I had only $11,000 remaining. Just calling didn’t seem like it would save me many chips if he had me beat, and could cost me the pot if he was semibluffing the turn, so I finally determined that I had to raise. After much deliberation, I moved all in, figuring that if he called, he would likely have me beat. But I also thought that he may put me on a set and fold aces or kings, and also most draws, since he wouldn’t be getting the right price to draw. After I went all in, he thought for several minutes and I was really not sure if I wanted him to call or not. I figured that he either had aces, kings, or A-J and was debating whether or not I had flopped a set or was playing a big draw very aggressively. He finally called and I turned over my queens. To my delight, he said, “Queens are good,” and turned over A-J. The 9diamonds came on the river and I doubled through.


I talked to John after the hand and he said he was very impressed with how I played it. He believed that I had exhibited genuine weakness on the turn, which is why he put me on a draw and called with his A-J. I explained that he had the right read, that the weakness was genuine, as I really wasn’t sure whether I had the best hand or not. I guess this time I gave off a real tell about my hand and it worked out perfectly, getting him to call with the one hand against which I was in good shape. I hope that the next time a great player reads me so correctly, it works out as well for me.



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