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What is Web Hosting?



Renting a home is a way to get a piece in real estate that you can live in. You can usually furnish this home with your personal furniture and memorabilia to make it feel yours.


Web hosting is the same as before, but you are paying for a place in what is known as a server, where your website’s data, content and information will reside. To claim this piece on the internet you will need to pay for hosting. You will have to pay more if you need more space or a larger website.


Web hosting provides a basic plot on which to build websites. Web hosting vs. website builder is a debate that will never be resolved. A website builder is useless without hosting services. How can you build if there’s no land or a server to build on?


What is a website builder?


You may have wondered “What is a web builder?”. It’s a tool that lets both beginners and professionals build websites without having to learn code. Pre-coded  dedicated server hosting platforms offer a wide range of themes and templates to choose from. These can be customized to meet your specific needs. These tools are easy to use and come with technical support and tutorials.


Website builders are accessible from any computer with internet access. Therefore, they can be considered to also host your website. These servers host websites regardless of when a website has been launched or finished. To return to the real estate analogy, website builder hosting is like having an acreage on which you slowly build. After the home is built, you can still “host” it on the land.


The right domain is the key to success. offers a great opportunity to get your domain.


Types of web hosting


Web hosting is a broad term that refers to renting space on a server. There are many other types of web hosting. It is important to understand the differences between webhosting and website builders. These are the most common types of web hosting:


Shared Hosting


Hosting dedicated to your needs


Website Builder Hosting


Shared Hosting


The shared hosting model is similar to an apartment complex. Small businesses rent out apartments and share the resources. This hosting is the most popular and affordable, and it’s often the first hosting type that people use when they launch their websites. This hosting type is ideal for those who have small websites and less complex needs. Storage limitations can often apply and you may only be able to host one or two websites.


Hosting dedicated to your needs


Because it is a more personal type of hosting, dedicated hosting can be more costly. A dedicated host gives a person or company a private server. They do not share resources and they don’t allow any third parties to rent out or occupy their space. This allows you to customize the server and provides more traffic bandwidth. It also gives you greater security. Look into dedicated hosting if you are a larger business or have a website that receives a lot of traffic.


Website Builder Hosting


A website builder can be used with any of these hosting types. Keep in mind, however, that all Website Builders can be used with any of the hosting types mentioned above. It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small, you need a fast and simple way to create a functional, beautiful website. Website Builder is designed for this purpose. If you have a business that needs to handle high traffic and protect their data, then you might want to consider a dedicated server. Website Builder is a great tool for individuals and small businesses who don’t see a lot of traffic to their website. You can also use it to build your site and “host” it as you grow and change.’s WebsiteBuilder is an easy-to-use tool that will help you build your website in no time.


Website Builder Hosting is your primary web hosting. It’s a smart idea to look into other options that offer more security and growth potential for your site.


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