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How Do I Know I’m Ready for More Casino Extra?



One of the hardest questions for players just starting out comes after a little bit of success.  How do you know when you are ready for more?  This is a difficult question to answer, but there are various considerations you can make to decide when it is time to move up to the next money level.


First: know what kind of a player you are.  Some players are great at tables but lousy in tournaments, or vice-versa.  Some can do both.  Some players make a hefty side income just by playing sit and go tournaments Casino Extra online, others love casino floors.  You should find out what your best game is.  If you are a great tournament player, don’t feel like you have to learn tables, or if you can always come out ahead at tables, why go to large tournaments with long shot odds?  Figure out your strengths and play to them.



Once you know what type of a player you are, and what your best game is, the way to determine when it is time to move up is not when you break even at your level, or do fairly well, but when you dominate.  When you dominate either your table’s competition, or finish ranked in sit and go tournaments a ridiculously high amount of time, then you can look at moving.  Make sure to test yourself over time, though.  Lucky streaks can happen so you need to play long enough to know that your skills, and not the cards, are what Casino Extra are dominating the tables you play at.  If over an extended period of time you realize you are dominating your tables, then move up.



Another consideration is bank roll.  Different pros will suggest different amounts, but a good rule of thumb is to go with one hundred times the large blind for a table.  Also make reasonable jumps.  If you are dominating at $5 sit and go tournaments, don’t suddenly jump to $50 tournaments—try the $10 tournaments and then keep practicing and moving up.  You only want to play where you can afford.



If you make the move and then get blasted, move back down to the level where you dominate and when your ego, confidence, and bank roll have recovered, don’t be afraid to try again.  Trial and error and actual playing are the only ways you can become better at playing poker, and nothing replaces actual experience.  Keep at the tables, keep paying attention to your opponents and playing patterns, and over time you will become a much stronger and better player.  Keep at it, and I’ll see you at the tables!



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