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Wise rulers (poker players) and capable generals (poker smiths) are often able to defeat their enemies and achieve outstanding successes because they have prior information on the situation.

-Sun Zi’s art of war

Emulate the strengths of opponents and use their weaknesses for self correction.

-Sun Zi’s art of war

Armies (poker players) at war (in a pot) usually fight in direct confrontation. But those (players) capable of springing a surprise will win.

– Sun Zi’s art of war

This week in Vegas was race week. Often this time of the year the action is fast and furious. Not only at the Nascar races but also on the tables. Often racers live in the fast lane and they gamble like it. They are dangerous and cause a lot of wrecks not only to the regular pro’s but to themselves. Poker is a race to see who can acquire the chips the fastest. Yes you will get bumps and grinds along the way but eventually if you play well and for long periods you shall get the cup. Today we shall discuss the first part of the game. Before the race begins you have to get to the track. In order for a player to win a pot he has to first enter the pot. That’s right he can win no chips unless he enters the pot. One of the most important concepts in Slot Online poker is to eliminate other players before the flop. A player not in the pot cannot beat you. Raising eliminates players and should be done before the flop. It is the simplest and most effective way to increase your odds and decrease your opponents odds. If they fold they have zero odds. I have done some calculations using poker probe in order to show you how raising effects the odds as opponents drop.


Poker Tip of the Week


Its Sampras verses Agassi in center court today. What makes one tennis player better then another top tennis player? Not much. Like you who have all the skills required to play the game of poker. What keeps you at the levels that you are right now? Sampras and Agassi hit the ball back and forth. Waiting for that critical moment. They try to outplay each other to no avail. They hit the ball to the back of the court only to be retrieved by their opponent. They hit it to the side of the court only for the ball to be returned. Now a drop shot only to be dug out and returned. They hit the ball with deception but still the ball keeps coming back. Then comes the critical moment. The mistake. Mistakes can cost you a point, a set and a match it depends on how many are made and when they are made. As in poker a mistake can cost you a half bet a whole bet and the pot. Losing half bets will hurt, whole bets make you play hours on end while not making money and mistakes in big pots make you play days for nothing. Take a look at these mistakes made by you or your opponents. Look for their weaknesses as well a yours. Roll them around in your mind. Memorize them. Try not to make them. Think deep and hard the way David Sklansky did when he thought of them and maybe tonight you may not sleep under a bridge.





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