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Jesse May was kind enough to send me this great snippet written about Doyle by Bobby Baldwin, president and CEO of Mirage Resorts Inc. It is a quote from the first printing of his 1979 book, Bobby Baldwin’s Winning Poker Secrets, about the first time he played in the WSOP against Doyle in May 1976:


… Before the first day of competition, I had lunch with Doyle Brunson, who, although he had never won this tournament, was considered by most to be the best no-limit player in the world.


“How do you think I’ll do?” I asked him.


“You’ll do OK,” Brunson said softly. Then as if inspired, he said, “How ’bout a friendly wager? Two thousand says I’ll last longer than you will.”


Worst bet I ever made. Doyle won the tournament.


Next year, Doyle greeted me as soon as I set foot in the Horseshoe Club. “Are we on?” he asked.




He smiled broadly and, in his typically gentle manner, said, “Sure, for two thousand. We could make the same bet as last year.”


“No way!” I teased. “You’d have to spot me something like Pengeluaran Hk.”


“All right. I’ll give you two-to-one.”


Second-worst bet I ever made. Doyle won the championship again!


The next year, I said, “Don’t even ask, Doyle. I’m not betting you this year, so you’ll just have to scrape up two grand somewhere else.”


Worst laydown I ever made. I won the title!


“Texas Dolly”

Prior to our interview, I read a story about the press mistakenly reporting on “Texas Dolly” instead of “Texas Doyle,” which was his real nickname. I asked Doyle about it. “Yes, yes, it’s true,” he said. “Jimmy ‘the Greek’ Snyder is responsible for my nickname, in a roundabout way. He used to call me ‘Texas Doyle.’ One year when we were both at the World Series, he called me ‘Texas Doyle’; some reporters thought he said ‘Texas Dolly,’ and that’s how they reported it. I just shook my head and laughed. As you can see, the name stuck.”


Trump Board Game Out by Parker Brothers


NEW YORK – First the board room, now the board game. At his Fifth Avenue Tower on Wednesday, Donald Trump unveiled his newest business venture: a new Parker Brothers board game with high stakes dealmaking and dollar sums in the billions. Move over Mr. Monopoly.


Trump, the Game is played by up to four players bidding on real estate, buying big ticket items, such as islands and office buildings, and making billion-dollar business deals – just like The Donald does in real life.


There is, however, no gaming equivalent of bankruptcy, which has recently been a part of the Trump experience. On Aug. 9, Trump Hotel and Casino Resorts announced plans to file for Chapter 11 and to form a new corporate structure where Trump surrenders much of his control.


Of course, players can terminate their opponents using the two words – “You’re fired” – made famous on Trump’s reality TV show “The Apprentice.”


The Trump game “allows players to feel the power and make the deals,” said Mark Blecher, senior vice president of marketing at Hasbro Games (the parent company of Parker Brothers).


The game retails for $24.99.



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