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One problem of the internet is that there are countless people blogging about the same topics. It can be difficult to provide a distinctive voice, and offer a unique viewpoint. However, if you are unable to stand out from the rest of the blogosphere, your blog will remain another “nearly blog” – good, solid content but not dynamic.

There are various different approaches that you can take to stand out from the crowd; but it is worth noting that some are more useful than others.

  1. Your Personality


The easiest and most logical way to offer a distinctive voice is by injecting your own personality into the blog. This does not mean you need your name in the URL like I would recommend choosing a url with good keywords in. However, a personal approach means that you offer your own experiences, viewpoints and explain what works for you. Injecting your personality into a blog doesn’t mean you share upswings in your personal life. It is advisable to avoid this. What you should work on is developing a distinctive writing style, that does not appear bland and an imitation of others.


  1. Humour.


Don’t take yourself too seriously. Feel able be self depreciating. If it is practical, every now and then, to inject humour into your bog then this will provide light relief for any topic. People like to be entertained on the internet. Top 10 reasons not to write another blog post.


  1. Don’t sit on the Fence.


On some posts, at least, it is good to offer a strong opinion. Say why something works for you and why it doesn’t work for you. Look at J.Chow’s why not amazon affiliate  vs. D.Rowse’s why I am an amazon affiliate. Taking an opinion doesn’t mean you have to be controversial for the sake of it. Nor is a good idea to do it every time; if you do, you risk alienating your loyal readers. However, you should be able and willing to express opinions where necessary.


  1. Bold Titles.


There is a very good post at Copyblogger about the benefits of bold titles. Go Big or Go Home. Never underestimate the importance of titles. It is the titles of a post that determine the success of a blog post on Social networking sites. It is titles that determine whether people will ever read your post. Titles of posts in a way define your blog post. Therefore, don’t be afraid to consider using unusual, eye catching titles. Again, like anything don’t overdo it. More about Translation Services UK



  1. Don’t just Follow Other posts.


There is nothing wrong with writing a post inspired by others. However, you also need to be able to write posts that are unique and start discussion, rather than just following others. Don’t be just a follower be an innovator. Now you may feel that every topic has been covered already. If this is the case, try looking at your niche from a new angle.


  1. Distinctive Design.


It is content that ultimately determines the success of a blog, but a distinctive design can also help. If you use a bog standard custom theme, subconsciously it shows that you can’t be bothered to differentiate your blog. If that is the attitude to design, then maybe it is also true for the content. This is not always true of course. But, you should try to do something to make your blog stand out.


  1. Give Importance to Key Posts.


The average viewer may look at perhaps 2 or 3 pages before leaving. This means you have to highlight your best, unique articles and make them clickable. Every post doesn’t have to be extraordinary, far from it. However, you need to have some key “pillar” articles that stand out from others. When you have written them, work on promoting these articles on both your blog and to other bloggers.


  1. Offer advice.


Be generous with links and advice to new bloggers. If you give can combine a post with personal advice to other bloggers it can enrich your blog in a number of ways. Ask Tejvan a question


  1. Be an Expert.


It might sound a stupid question, but do you know what you are talking about? The best bloggers are often people who come to the internet with specific skills. If you have expertise in your professional or personal life then use this in your blogging. The best bloggers don’t need to read RSS feeds for inspiration they can get inspiration from other sources.


  1. Develop a Brand.


You need to be able to market your blog so it means something to people. This comes over time and is a combination of various factors. It can also be built up through participating in other blog discussions. It is important to stay focused on a certain theme or niche. People need to be able to associate your blog with a certain idea / theme.


How Not to Stand Out from the Crowd.


Be a comment splogger. Don’t make loads of useless comments just to get to the top of Top commentators list. A good reputation is more important.

Criticise other bloggers. There is little to be gained from be harshly critical of other bloggers. In the long run people get turned off by negativity.

Whatever is the theme of your blog it is important to be able to differentiate yourself from other blogs. In some topics




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