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Banks Offering Cryptocurrency Services? A New Reality Is Arriving for Crypto Gambling

Noelle Acheson is a 10-year veteran of company analysis and corporate finance, and a member of CoinDesk’s product team. The following article originally appeared in CoinDesk Weekly, a custom-curated newsletter delivered every Sunday, exclusively to our subscribers. Bitcoin might finally be overlapping the broader fintech industry’s popularity.

Norway’s largest online-only bank, Skandiabanken recently announced it plans to offer clients the ability to link bank accounts to cryptocurrency holdings.


While some might see this move as one of traditional banks embracing bitcoin, really, it heralds a new shift in the evolution of cryptocurrency into the greater fintech space.


Skandiabanken announced its intentions this week to let users connect a bank account with a Coinbase account, allowing users to view their cryptocurrency balances within the banking app.


The app allows users to view their holdings, just as they would other investments, and, for now, the functionality does not include the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The bank has stressed it does not yet view bitcoin as a currency, but instead another asset class.


This is likely the beginning of a trend that sees bitcoin merge with broader fintech trends of offering customers innovative, if not niche services.


Unbundling banking

Around the world, mobile banking is taking a lead over branch-centered activity – in Norway, for example, 91% of the population access online banking sites.


The proliferation of fintech services that ‘unbundle’ traditional banking functions, combined with the maturing of the internet-first generation, are accelerating this trend.


What’s more, the European Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) activates in 2018. The directive mandates that banks have to share customer data with third parties through APIs, which could include access to cryptocurrency services.


So, the combination of online banking, fintech services and open APIs point to a blurring of boundaries between traditional and alternative finance.


New banking institutions such as Skandiabanken, are taking steps towards accepting  Crypto Gambling bitcoin and its altcoins as credible assets. Should this trend continue,  cryptocurrencies could end up becoming a more firmly consolidated feature of the new fintech landscape.


This will place even more pressure on legislators to come up with comprehensive plans for regulating a new asset class.


It is also likely to encourage development of the next generation of cryptocurrency-related services.


And while this doesn’t mean that bitcoin and similar assets are becoming mainstream, it shows that financial disruptors can start to change a narrative that’s been stagnant for decades, and that cryptocurrency is here to stay in the large fintech ecosystem.





Togel Singapore

Deciding Where to Play: Vegas or Togel Singapore Online?

“No one will know – or even care – if you’re wearing your pajamas when you play online.”

Nevada legalized gambling in 1931, and since that time, the state has been a popular destination for gamblers and thrill-seekers alike. But even with its star-studded shows, rooftop roller coasters, and all-you-can-eat buffets, can Las Vegas casinos still compete with its online counterparts?

There are lots of perks that make online casinos unique, just as there are things that make Vegas special. So check out the list below before you decide to walk over to your computer – or hop on a plane.

  • Las Vegas has Siegfried and Roy. Throw in a couple of white tigers and lions and you’ve got one heck of a show! You won’t find anything like it in any online casino, but then again, you don’t have to worry about getting mauled.


  • There’s no dress code when you play online. You won’t be allowed in certain Togel Singapore casinos if you dress like a slob. But no one will know – or even care – if you’re wearing your pajamas when you play online. Just remember to wear your lucky shirt, no matter where you are.


  • Vegas has volcanoes, Egyptian pyramids, Venetian gondolas and canals … all within a few blocks of one another. Online casinos may not have all the glitz and glamour that is Las Vegas, but you can still find things like, the Official Elvis Presley Web site, on the Net. (Watch out for the audio when you launch that one.)


  • Big name headliners – both online and Vegas. Madonna will be live in concert at the MGM Grand Hotel Casino, but she first previewed her newest material to millions of fans via Web cast.


  • Live drag queens – definitely a Vegas thing. Frank “The Queen of Las Vegas” Marino and his ‘La Cage’ show is fabulous stuff. But you could try this at home (and impress your friends). Or not.


  • Providing your own background music is an online thing. Vegas may have KC and The Sunshine Band, but it also has really bad lounge singers. Download MP3s and choose your own background music.


  • Karaoke is usually a Vegas thing. Karaoke is either really good or really bad, depending on whether you sound like Julie Andrews. And remember, it isn’t karaoke if you’re singing in the shower.


  • Crowded games tables and noisy casinos are a Vegas thing. Some people like the lights, the bells and whistles, and the energy in Vegas, but it drives others crazy. Pick any popular online casino and you’ll be guaranteed a seat at any table, without all the distractions.


  • Free drinks, food and other comps are a Vegas perk. Many online casinos also offer free money or sign-up bonuses, weekly giveaways, and of course – free games. But it’s just not the same as a cocktail with a little pink umbrella, served in a pineapple.




Aladdin discloses possibility of closure of best online casino singapore



A severe dip in Las Vegas tourism and apparent infighting among the owners of the Las Vegas Strip’s Aladdin megaresort prompted the Aladdin to say for the first time Thursday that it may have to close just 13 months after its opening.


The Aladdin, the Strip’s newest megaresort, has been a prime candidate for bankruptcy for months and this has been widely reported. But the possible closure of such a huge business, which cost $1.2 billion, has 2,567 rooms and employs 2,600 people, was inconceivable just two weeks ago.


But then, so was the possibility terrorists would use commercial jetliners in kamikaze attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon — and trigger a huge downturn in the U.S. tourism and gambling industries.


While still considered unlikely by observers, the possibility of the Aladdin closing was raised in a report filed by the company Thursday afternoon with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The filing came one day after the Aladdin laid off 500 workers, or about one-sixth of its workforce.


“(Aladdin’s) cash on hand, together with cash projected to be generated from operating activities, is not sufficient to permit (Aladdin) to conduct business activities,” the SEC filing said. “(Aladdin) may be required to cease operating unless additional cash is infused into (the Aladdin).”


The Aladdin’s bankers are willing to consider extending more credit to the property, but only if the Aladdin first files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the filing said.


Aladdin officials declined to comment beyond the report. In a statement today, Aladdin minority owner London Clubs International said the filing was issued without the consent of the Aladdin’s board, which is controlled by LCI.


LCI’s stock went into free fall on the news, falling 53 percent to 6 pence on the London exchange today.


The Aladdin said it can only file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with the support of both LCI and the Sommer Trust, the majority shareholder.


LCI spokesman Luke Morton declined to comment on whether LCI would support a bankruptcy filing by the Aladdin; Jack Sommer, principal of the Sommer Trust, could not be reached for comment.


However, LCI’s statement stated that its discussions with the Aladdin’s banks “have now focused on a financing solution which may require Aladdin Gaming to file a petition under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code” — suggesting LCI would be willing to agree to bankruptcy.


Relations between the two best online casino singapore owners appear to have completely broken down. But Larry Klatzkin, gaming analyst with Jeffries & Co., doesn’t believe Sommer or LCI would have anything to gain by blocking a bankruptcy.


“Either one could block it, but why would either party want it to close?” Klatzkin said. “It isn’t in the equity holders’ interest to let it shut down.”


If the Aladdin does go bankrupt, it would likely be the largest bankruptcy in the history of the Nevada gaming industry.


Companies holding multiple properties have gone bankrupt before, “but because construction costs were so high on this property, in terms of total debt, this is the largest gaming bankruptcy we’ve seen,” said Candace Carlyon, a Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney.


This possibility has been anticipated for months by analysts and observers, as the property has consistently been unable to produce enough cash flow to cover the payments on its $700 million-plus debt load.


In August, the Aladdin appeared close to finding a temporary solution to this problem. The equity holders and the banks agreed to a deal that would suspend principal payments on the Aladdin’s bank debt for one year — a move that would have saved the property nearly $18 million in the next year, and probably kept it out of bankruptcy in the near-term.


But in a move that stunned observers, Sommer apparently withdrew support for the new deal over the Labor Day weekend. With the failure of this deal, Sommer and LCI were required to immediately invest $8 million into the Aladdin — a “keep-well” payment designed to keep the Aladdin solvent.


But neither Sommer nor LCI had any money to invest. This put the Aladdin into default on its bank debt.


A second default, this on the Aladdin’s furniture and equipment lease financing, followed when the Aladdin failed to make a $4.3 million payment to General Electric Capital Corp. and General Motors Acceptance Corp. on Sept. 3.


The Aladdin was already an extremely precarious situation. Then came the terrorist strikes on New York and Washington Sept. 11 — attacks that have drastically reduced tourism to Las Vegas, and forced many casino operators to lay off workers.


“It is considered likely that this (the reduction of tourism business in Las Vegas) will significantly reduce revenues and profitability of the Aladdin in the short to medium term at the very least,” LCI’s statement said.


“It’s hit them like everyone else,” Klatzkin said. “Unfortunately, they didn’t have a lot of room to survive that.”


In this deteriorating environment, GE Capital and GMAC moved against the Aladdin. They presented the property with an ultimatum — pay the $4.3 million by Sept. 28, or face repossession of its furniture and equipment, including the resort’s slot machines.


If repossession of equipment is attempted, the Aladdin “likely would seek protection from its creditors under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code,” the Aladdin filing stated.


Under bankruptcy, Aladdin’s $75 million in annual debt payments would be suspended, making it far easier for the property to operate at a profit. And Aladdin’s bankers, led by the Bank of Nova Scotia, also appear willing to give the Aladdin additional cash to continue operating if it files for bankruptcy.


While Bank of Nova Scotia can use this to entice a bankruptcy, it would be difficult for the bankers to force it into bankruptcy, Carlyon said. That’s because only “undersecured” creditors can file a petition for an involuntary bankruptcy — and the bank debt is secured by the property itself.


“It would be fairly unusual for the secured creditors to take that position (that the Aladdin is worth less than the mortgage debt) this early in the case,” Carlyon said.


Three unsecured creditors with debt totaling $10,000 or more — such as trade creditors — could file such a petition, Carlyon said.


But Carlyon said she would be surprised if an involuntary petition even became necessary, given the fact that financing in bankruptcy appears available.


“I can’t believe that anyone would allow this property to close if there was a rational alternative,” Carlyon said. “What we’ve always understood … is that properties are worth more operating than closed. Even though we’re looking at a different world today than one week ago, it’s hard to believe that theory would be discarded in the case of the Aladdin.”


No matter what happens to the Aladdin, the adjoining Desert Passage mall would be unaffected. It is owned by a separate company, TrizecHahn Corp.


“No matter what happens at the Aladdin, we are fully open for business at Desert Passage, and will remain so,” said Andrew Blair, executive vice president and chief operating officer of TrizecHahn Development, the subsidiary that operates Desert Passage. “The hotel-casino is a very valuable property, in an exceptional location, and personally, I think it’s highly unlikely the hotel-casino will close under any scenario.”




Qiu Qiu Online

The Qiu Qiu Online Paramedic

One day, at a casino buffet, a man suddenly called out, “My son’s choking! He swallowed a quarter! Help! Please, anyone! Help!”

A man from a nearby table stood up and announced that he was quite experienced at this sort of thing. He stepped over with almost no look of concern at all, wrapped his hands around the boy’s gonads, and squeezed. Out popped the quarter. The man then went back to his table as though nothing had happened.

“Thank you! Thank you!” the father cried. “Are you a paramedic?”

“No,” replied the man. “I work for the IRS.”

The Mute

A group from Chicago spent a weekend gambling in Las Vegas. One of the men on that trip won $100,000. He didn’t want anyone to know about it, so he decided not to return with the others, but took a later plane home — arriving back 3 a.m. He immediately went out to the backyard of his house, dug a hole and planted the money in it. The following morning he walked outside and found only an empty hole. He noticed footsteps leading from the hole to the house next door, which was owned by a deaf-mute. On the same street lived a professor who understood sign language and was a friend of the deaf man. Grabbing his pistol, the enraged man went to awaken the professor and dragged him to the deaf man’s house.

“You tell this guy that if he doesn’t give me back my $100,000 I’m going to kill him!” he screamed at the professor. The professor conveyed the message to his friend, and his friend replied in sign language, “I hid it in my backyard, underneath the cherry tree.”

The Qiu Qiu Online professor turned to the man with the gun and said, “He’s not going to tell you. He said he’d rather die first.”

The Most Direct Proposition

After a tourist had been served in the Las Vegas cocktail lounge, he beckoned the waitress back and said, “Miss, would y’all kindly give me a piece of ass?”

“Lord, that’s the most direct proposition I’ve ever had!” gasped the young lady. Then she smiled and added, “Sure, why not? It’s pretty slow here right now, so let’s go!”

When the pair returned half an hour later, the man sat down at the same table and the waitress asked, “Will there be anything else?”

“Yes,” replied the tourist. “Where ah come from in Alabama, we lack our bourbon ‘n watuh cold, so ah still need a piece uh ass for mah drink.”…


$50 MILLION WORLD RECORD SET BY JACKPOT MADNESS Ligaz11 Jackpot Madness Online Progressives Now Rival Land-based Casinos

Jackpot Madness, the online gaming portal that brings together casinos to form huge progressive jackpots, is delighted that in little over a year, progressive wins across the network have reached a landmark US$50 million – a figure that now rivals land-based casinos




Jackpot Madness Online Progressives Now Rival


Land-based Casinos


No longer are big jackpots the reserve of Las Vegas. The jackpot-hungry player now has a real online alternative.


Jackpot Madness, the online gaming portal that brings together casinos to form huge progressive jackpots, is delighted that in little over a year, progressive wins across the network have reached a landmark US$50 million – a figure that now rivals land-based casinos.


‘The vast number of people playing progressive games at Microgaming-powered casinos have made this world record possible. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the thousands of players who helped us reach this landmark total’ -remarked Marilyn Glazier, Press Agent for Jackpot Madness.


The $50 million world record was reached by a giant $190,553.47 win on Treasure Nile at 7 Sultans Casino by Theresa W. – the one thousandth, eight hundred and fifty-second jackpot winner!


‘Cash Splash, Fruit Fiesta, WowPot, LotsaLoot, SuperJax and our latest ‘mega’ progressive ‘Treasure Nile’ have developed into real brands that players search for in an online casino. Their success is phenomenal, with total jackpot payouts dwarfing anything comparable on the Internet. Players want to win big and these progressives are one of the reasons why Microgaming-powered casinos are the most fun on the Internet’ commented Julian Perry of Microgaming.


About Jackpot Madness:

Jackpot Madness is the world’s number one online Ligaz11 jackpot destination. The goal of the portal is to provide jackpot enthusiasts with a single destination offering a wide choice of progressives, featuring frequent payouts and record-breaking jackpots. The jackpot totals are “live” and Jackpot Madness provides constantly updated information together with links to over 60 casinos. Jackpot Madness: the center of the jackpot universe!


Laykin Communications to Lead HP2 Launch in Asia


Sungold Entertainment Corp. has announced it’s subsidiary Horsepower Broadcasting Network (HBN) has appointed Laykin Communications to head the launch of the Horsepower2 wagering game in Asia.


Vancouver, BC: [Business Wire] December 30, 2001 ~ Sungold Entertainment Corp. (OTC BB: SGGNF News, Frankfurt: WKN 608164 News) has announced it’s subsidiary Horsepower Broadcasting Network (HBN) International Ltd. has appointed Laykin Communications, to lead the launch of the Horsepower2 wagering game in Asia.


Laykin has served the countries of Israel, Mauritius, Thailand and the U.S.A. Clients have included, Nomura in Tokyo, Dun & Bradstreet (Greater China), Hong Kong Tourist Association, SmartTransact, Warner Home Video (USA), American Express Credit Cards, Asian Wall Street Journal, Cable & Wireless, Chase Manhattan Bank (Visa), Columbia Tri-Star Interactive (USA), Commercial Radio Hong Kong, Daihatsu, Dow Jones & Company, Easybets (UK), Guestlink International, Hong Kong Telecom, I-Quest / Worldroom, Jardine Pacific, Metromedia Technologies, MGM Interactive (USA), Miss Asia Pacific Contest, Monopoly, Scrabble and Television Broadcast Ltd. (TVB).


Horsepower Broadcasting Network (HBN) International Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sungold Entertainment Corp. trading on the Bulletin Board (SGGNF) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (SQ5). Horsepower™ is an award winning worldwide real time betting game offering equal chance pari-mutuel wagering and a guaranteed million dollar Pick 6 / Quick 6™ jackpot on random virtual horse racing every 90 seconds on the site:




Slot Online

Poker Slot Online Tip of the Week

Wise rulers (poker players) and capable generals (poker smiths) are often able to defeat their enemies and achieve outstanding successes because they have prior information on the situation.

-Sun Zi’s art of war

Emulate the strengths of opponents and use their weaknesses for self correction.

-Sun Zi’s art of war

Armies (poker players) at war (in a pot) usually fight in direct confrontation. But those (players) capable of springing a surprise will win.

– Sun Zi’s art of war

This week in Vegas was race week. Often this time of the year the action is fast and furious. Not only at the Nascar races but also on the tables. Often racers live in the fast lane and they gamble like it. They are dangerous and cause a lot of wrecks not only to the regular pro’s but to themselves. Poker is a race to see who can acquire the chips the fastest. Yes you will get bumps and grinds along the way but eventually if you play well and for long periods you shall get the cup. Today we shall discuss the first part of the game. Before the race begins you have to get to the track. In order for a player to win a pot he has to first enter the pot. That’s right he can win no chips unless he enters the pot. One of the most important concepts in Slot Online poker is to eliminate other players before the flop. A player not in the pot cannot beat you. Raising eliminates players and should be done before the flop. It is the simplest and most effective way to increase your odds and decrease your opponents odds. If they fold they have zero odds. I have done some calculations using poker probe in order to show you how raising effects the odds as opponents drop.


Poker Tip of the Week


Its Sampras verses Agassi in center court today. What makes one tennis player better then another top tennis player? Not much. Like you who have all the skills required to play the game of poker. What keeps you at the levels that you are right now? Sampras and Agassi hit the ball back and forth. Waiting for that critical moment. They try to outplay each other to no avail. They hit the ball to the back of the court only to be retrieved by their opponent. They hit it to the side of the court only for the ball to be returned. Now a drop shot only to be dug out and returned. They hit the ball with deception but still the ball keeps coming back. Then comes the critical moment. The mistake. Mistakes can cost you a point, a set and a match it depends on how many are made and when they are made. As in poker a mistake can cost you a half bet a whole bet and the pot. Losing half bets will hurt, whole bets make you play hours on end while not making money and mistakes in big pots make you play days for nothing. Take a look at these mistakes made by you or your opponents. Look for their weaknesses as well a yours. Roll them around in your mind. Memorize them. Try not to make them. Think deep and hard the way David Sklansky did when he thought of them and maybe tonight you may not sleep under a bridge.






The Decline of UFAPoker Tournaments in Nevada

We as tournament poker players blame casinos for the lack of interest in poker tournaments and maybe justifiably so. If the casino is unaware of our existence and assumes that we only frequent their establishments to play in poker tournaments and get buffet comps, then they are justified in thinking we are not a valuable customer. How many times have you heard “He’s only a poker player?” Most poker tournament players are not aware of the fact that tournaments in themselves generate very little, if any, revenue on their own. Some even lose money. I know most of you can’t believe that, but trust me, it is the truth. However, the casinos do benefit from poker tournaments in other areas, such as, pit play, gift shops, restaurants, slot machines, video poker machines, sports betting, shows, keno, not to mention the rooms we occupy. So how do we change their attitudes about the average poker tournament player? First they have to know where we spend money outside the poker room. This is very important. The way to do that is simple, use a “Players Tracking Card.”


I realize that many of you would like to remain anonymous and not have your wins and losses in other areas of the casino known. I also understand not wanting to be put on numerous mailing lists for fear of being pestered. Most of us just want to come and play UFA and be left alone. Well, we need to change the way we feel so the casinos will in turn value our presence. The only way to keep tournaments alive and well in Nevada is by corporate awareness. The “suits” upstairs in the executive offices must be made aware of our value. The Players Tracking Card can do this for us. We need to let the casinos know we exist and that we “crossover” into other areas of the casino. We can best do that by filling out a short form telling them who we are and why we are in the casino. After doing that, we need to use the card everywhere we spend money. That will show the casinos we are an asset to them and not a liability.


The length of the tournament determines how long players will be registered in the hotel. In my experience as a tournament player, I have spent anywhere from three days to three weeks in one casino. That’s a long time and during that time I’m likely to spend a lot of money in all areas of the casino, as we all do.


I personally do not want to see tournaments leave Nevada forever, so PLEASE use your Players Tracking Card. What more can you do? Take this information seriously and follow up. The benefits may surprise you and can only increase the more you use your card. Please identify yourself as a poker player so all of us will benefit. Let’s be heard, we deserve the same perks as other casino customers. Help us bring tournament poker back to Nevada where it belongs.


This article was inspired by Mike Gainey, Poker Room Manager at the Reno Hilton. Mike is the person responsible for the success of the Pot of Gold and the Cup of Gold poker tournaments at the Reno Hilton. Their successes helped him convince the executives to welcome the upcoming “World Poker Challenge” to be held in January, 2001. Motivated poker people like Mike Gainey make it possible for us to have poker tournaments, so let’s do our part. We can help make it a success and show our appreciation by using our Tracking Cards throughout the casino and making corporate aware of our value.


Wishing you the nuts, but not if I’m in the pot.





The Dealer’s ligaz11 Story

There have been three poisoning deaths at the Las Vegas Majestic’s Poker Room. The Chief of Poker Room Security, Talbot, The Poker Cop, continues the investigation.

I call the LVPD Switchboard. I ask for Detective Rook, Chief of the Las Vegas Strip Police. “Ex-detective Talbot,” Rook says, “what have you done this time?” I ignore this. “Rook. I’m at the Majestic Poker Room. I’ve got three fatalities, possible poisoning victims, all dead within minutes of each other, all elderly, all players from the same table, all with Poker Room Bar drinks in their hands. Fallon’s shutting down the poker room bar. I don’t how many victims we’re going to have but it’s already ugly and could get a lot uglier.” I stop. Listen. Rook is dispatching EMS units. The ERs at Vegas General and Mercy Hospital are alerted for casualties. He comes back on the line, “I’m five minutes away. I want you to . . .”

“Lock down the crime scene. Identify all possible witnesses and hold them for questioning. Obtain any and all surveillance tapes for your viewing pleasure. Isolate possible victims. Prepare them for emergency treatment and transport. All while not disturbing the crime scene or degrading the evidence.”

Rook hangs up.

I’m dialing Casino Surveillance, when Georgette Olde, our own Captain Video, walks into the poker room with her laptop. I tell her to set up in Joey’s office and wait for the Strippers (the LVPD Strip cops).

In Joey Rosenberg’s office the surviving Sinners sit very still. The paramedic is keeping them under observation, flashing lights into eyes, taking their blood pressure, checking their pulses, and waiting for something to happen. Nothing has.

Red Penny walks into Joey’s office, looks at the three remaining Sinners like they’re lab rats, and asks the paramedic, “Who’s going to be next?”

“Excuse me,” says Voodoo Sue, “this is unpleasant enough without your morbid curiosity.”

Red Penny looks at very worried Sinners, gives them an insincere, “Sorry.”

I tell her, “Penelope. Everyone seems OK.”

Rook walks in. He’s yelling into the cellphone “I don’t care. I want those autopsies done now!” Rook hangs up. Asks me, “What’s the body count up to?”

This time it’s Iron Mike who objects. Rook ignores him.

I tell Rook, “Three dead, 10:10, 10:12, 10:14. That was twenty-five minutes ago. If our three dead were poisoned it must have been fast-acting. If anything else was going to happen it would have by now.”

“OK,” says Rook. “You got blood from everyone?” he asks the paramedic who nods yes and hands Rook three blood-filled vials, each marked with a Sinner’s name. Rook places them in an envelope marked “Evidence” and tells a Stripper to take them to the LVPD Crime Lab for a full toxicology screen. “Tell them,” he says, “I needed the results yesterday.”

Rook says to me, “I’m going to get everybody’s ligaz11 statements now,” he lowers his voice, “just in case.”

“Hey!” shouts Brooklyn Phil, “no one else is dying here tonight.”

Rook give him a “we’ll see” look and turns away.

The Detective knows there’s turf war between Red Penny, Chief of Casino Security, and me, Chief of Poker Room Security. He does not want to be a casualty.

“Which of you two Casino Cops do I have to deal with?”

Red Penny and I give each other a pre-fight-to-the-death alpha-male/dominant-female look. One dead in the poker room, my jurisdiction, two dead on the casino floor, her jurisdiction. I turn to Rook, “Both of us.”

Red Penny decides she can live with it, “Both of us.”

“Well, isn’t this lovely?” Rook grumbles, “Beauty and The Beast.”

The three surviving Sinners – Iron Mike, Voodoo Sue and Brooklyn Phil – are interviewed one by one.

Susanne DeMourier is in her late seventies, white-haired Cajon-Creole woman originally from New Orleans. Sue, who likes to unnerve hitchhikers with her unblinking dead-eyed stare, plays an aggressive, take-no-prisoners hold’em when pickpocketing tourists in low stakes ring games and a solid, no-nonsense hold’em when playing in high stakes tournaments. Joey, who thirty years ago dealt stud in the backrooms of the French Quarter’s jazz and smoke bars, says even then she was called Voodoo Sue.

Rook asks two questions, “Did you notice anything out of the ordinary at the poker table?” to which she answers, “No, nothing, nothing at all,” and “What did you have to drink?” to which she answers, “Coffee, black.”

Rook thanks Voodoo Sue and writes: Subject reports nothing out of the ordinary.

Sue gets up to leave, stops, says to Red Penny, “What would your momma say if she knew you dressed like a slut?” and walks out.

Philip F. Tulip, in his mid-sixties, is a tall emaciated ex-Nuyawker who has lost neither his thick accent nor his smug attitude. An undisciplined cash game player, break-even in Hold’em, indifferent in Omaha, mediocre in Stud, Phil plays mistake-free survivalist tournament poker, which has allowed him to take a lot of money away from the Majestic’s tournament tables. Phil’s trademark is a faded Brooklyn Dodgers’ baseball cap. We call him Brooklyn Phil.

Rook asks the same two questions, “Did you notice anything out of the ordinary at the poker table?”

“I just won $10,000 in a big-money tournament, but that wasn’t out of the ordinary, otherwise no.”

“What did you have to drink?” to which he answers, “Milk, I had surgery a couple of week ago and the doctors won’t let me drink anything else.”

Rook thanks Tulip and writes: Subject reports nothing out of the ordinary.

I help Tulip, who has trouble straightening up, out of the room. “Should I congratulate you on winning?”

To which he replies, “Talbot, I’d give it all back in a New York minute to see Mississippi, Eddie, and Jimmy again.”

Miguel Segovia is in his early eighties. Miguel fought, professionally, as a lightweight, in his native Mexico. His seven year record was 64 and 1. That 1 was a beating that left him in a wheelchair for the last fifty years. Miguel plays a straightforward, in-your-face, out-of-my-way poker. If Miguel checks, and you bet, and you see his hands shaking it’s not from his fear, it’s from your stupidity. We call him Iron Mike.

Rook, who gives a new definition to the word “plodding,” asks the same two questions, “Did you notice anything out of the ordinary at the poker table?”

“No. I played, I lost, I went to find another game to play.”

Rook asks, “What did you have to drink?” to which he answers, “Iced tea.”

Rook thanks Iron Mike and writes: Subject reports nothing out of the ordinary.

Miguel, wheeling himself out, suddenly spins his chair back to face us, “Who did this?” I tell him, “We’ll find out.”

The dealers are next. Lisa, Teddy, Donny had all dealt to the Final Table.

Rook asks all three the same question, “Did you notice anything out of the ordinary?”

Lisa tells Rook, “No.” Rook writes: Subject reports nothing out of the ordinary.

Teddy tells Rook, “No.” Rook writes: Subject reports nothing out of the ordinary.

Donny tells Rook, “Hell, yes!”

We are all surprised. Donny tells this story, “I had only been dealing for maybe ten minutes, just around 10:00 whole table suddenly goes on tilt. The Rocks turned into Maniacs. No one checked. No one limped. They bet with rags, raised with blanks, and re-raised with garbage. “Tonight the people I thought I knew acted like strangers.”

I’m thinking, Wild betting, raising and re-raising, without good cards, at the Final Table of a Seniors Freeze-out Hold’em Tournament! What the hell was going on?

This is what Rook, who has never mastered the intricacies of Old Maid let alone the subtleties of Go Fish, says, “I know they were betting, raising, and re-raising, they were playing poker weren’t they?” Detective Rook puts on his best I’m-talking-to-you-stupid voice and says slowly, “Listen carefully to the question, Mr. Donnatello. Did you witness anything out of the ordinary?”

“I just told you I did. Rocks never bet early and raise often. Hello?”

“Donny,” I step in before the yelling starts, “we have video of the final table. Let’s go back to the final hand, and you can take us through what you saw.”

Georgette has her laptop attached to Casino Surveillance’s Video Playback, which is in turn plugged into Joey’s oversized HDTV. The opening deal of the final hand of the Sinners Tournament is cued up.

“OK,” says Donny, “the gang’s all here. Let me set this up. Two hands previous, Iron Mike, the chip leader, gets into a suicidal raising war with Jimmy the Gent, who had almost as many chips. Mike shows down second and third pair. Jimmy busts out with an Ace Face.

“On the next hand Iron Mike, now with more chips than everybody else combined, and Mississippi, with maybe half as many chips, force Brooklyn Phil all-in on Fourth Street, and they lose to Phil’s top two pair when they showdown . . . nothing, a busted straight, to the low end, and a pair of red sevens.

“And that brings us to the Final Hand: The limits here are $600-$1200. Six players. Brooklyn Phil’s in the 3 with the button. Mississippi Mudd’s in the 5, has the small blind. Voodoo Sue’s in the 6 with the big blind, Cheap Eddie’s Under the Gun in the 7, and Iron Mike’s behind the 8-Ball. Run the tape, please.”

“Hold on,” says Red Penny. “Tal, would you please explain, for those of us non-poker players. . .”

“Sure. The game is limit hold’em. The bets, at this stage of the tournament, are in increments of $600, for the first two betting rounds, and $1,200 thereafter. Two players make forced bets before they ever see their cards, the Small Blind puts up half the minimum bet, $300, the Big Blind puts up the minimum bet, $600. If you want to play you have to call the bet. Best five card poker hand wins. Two cards to each player. First player after the Big Blind starts by either betting or raising. The other players can either fold, call or raise. Limit of three raises. First betting round is based on the hole cards. Then three community cards are dealt face-up. Second betting round. A fourth card is dealt face-up. A third betting round. A fifth, and final, card is dealt face-up. A fourth betting round. A showdown. Best five card poker hand wins.”

“Sounds easy,” says Rook.

Donny snorts. Rook glares.

Let’s just see the tape,” says Red Penny, who nods to Georgette.

The game begins. Donny starts a running commentary on the play.

“I deal them each two and . . .Cheap Eddie, short stacked, bets. OK. Stop. They don’t call Cheap Eddie cheap for no reason. Now I know, and so does every player at that table, that Rocky Raccoon here only raises from Under The Gun with Rockets and Cowboys.

“Tal,” asks Rook, “what’s going on?”

Donny shakes his head. I tell Rook, “Eddie Sherry is, by reputation, a Rock, a disciplined, conservative, low-risk gambler, who would not, from the first betting position, where he’s vulnerable to possible raises after him, voluntarily raise the blind bet, if he did not have a monster pair, Rockets, Aces, or Cowboys, Kings.

“Could he be bluffing?” asks Red Penny.

“No. Not with a short stack. He would never risk getting a bluff called by a bigger stack.”

So. What’s everybody else going to do,” asks Rook, “give up?”

“Based on the player. Based on the player’s position. That’s exactly what they should do. Run the tape, please. Donny?”

“OK. Now I’m thinking fold, fold, fold, fold,. What I get is re-raise, re-re raise, call, call.”

I watch, in disbelief, as Iron Mike, Brooklyn Phil, and Voodoo Sue, all of whom told me nothing out of the ordinary had happened, re-raise, re-re-raise, and call three raises. Mississippi, in the small blind, not only calls but splashes the pot doing …

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Cash Out When You’re Ahead!

One of the dangers of gambling online is the fact that there is no time pressure. If you go to Vegas you typically spend a few days there so you try to cram it all in in a short space of time. When it comes time to leave, you’re either ahead or you’ve lost, and I don’t think too many people cut a vacation short because they won a sum of money! Many, many more extend their stay in the hope of recovering some of their losses, however.


When you’re playing at an online casino, it’s always there 24/7/365 – you don’t have to worry about catching your flight the next morning. The temptation is great to just leave any winnings in the casino so that you can play later, because when you cash out it usually takes a week or three to receive the funds, and in doing so many people lose their winnings right back. RESIST THAT TEMPTATION!


Any time you have set a goal and achieved it, you should cash out at the end of the session. Some casinos have what they call a “reverse cash-in” option, which at first glance is a neat way to change your mind, but in reality it’s the Devil waiting for you to open the door. I’ve had people ask me how in the world they can disable the option to do a reverse cash-in, and guess what? No can do, short of deleting the casino from your computer. It is important that you have discipline if you want to make money gambling.


If you are playing at a casino where you have to wait a week or two for a PIN number to cash out (Boss Media casinos come to mind), just STOP playing until your PIN arrives. I do know of one person who just couldn’t lose, and the PIN number took almost three weeks to arrive! But she’s one of a very few people who were beneficiaries of a lucky run. In the end she did cash out as soon as her PIN number arrived for about $1,500, left $40 in the account, and almost IMMEDIATELY hit another big slot payout! I hope her luck rubs off on me but judging by my gambling exploits lately, it hasn’t happened yet.


When you gamble, don’t invest your entire bankroll at once. Deposit your situs pkv session limit, and if you lose it, quit. Don’t deposit more than you plan to play with.


If you win, simply cash out, stay AWAY from the reverse cash-in option. Use a portion of your remaining budget to gamble at another casino if you must – especially if you can take advantage of a bonus situation. There are more than 800 casinos at last count on the Net. Surely there must be another place which is worth having a look at.


Compare it to a trip to Vegas. How many of you settle down in a hotel and gamble EXCLUSIVELY at that one hotel? Ask yourself this question: are you really getting the best value for your money? There are so many exciting and interesting places to visit, and you’re going to ignore them and stay in the same casino the whole trip? I certainly have done that on occasion, but I find that visiting other places and casinos makes for a much more interesting trip – on my last trip I went around part of the Strip and the Downtown areas and signed up to get slot cards from each place! I now have a collection of about 15 cards and on my next trip I hope to get another 15. Kind of neat to stick them up on the wall to show where you’ve been.


But I digress. The whole point of cashing out is to maximize your profits, giving your more money to visit other casinos or even finance a trip to a real casino. There are exceptions, of course, like if you are earning reward points or comps, but in a previous article I explained why you do NOT want to play for comps online – at least not yet.


Rarely, if ever, should you leave your money in a casino account. Even if you are behind, it might be wise to take the money out. All it takes is for your computer to crash, and suddenly you are faced with a nightmare in trying to recover your money from the casino – proof of identity, account numbers and passwords, and so on. Remember, the cash-out button is your best friend!


There are simply too many sob stories of how someone took a small amount and ran it to many thousands only to lose it all back because they thought they were invincible, or the streak was still on, whatever. Manage your money. Play with the casino’s money, not yours. If you achieve your goal, cash out. Hopefully it’s as simple as that for most of you.…


10 Sure Ways to Lose Money at Online Casinos!

Got a big inheritance that’s burning a hole in your pocket? Feeling embarrassed over your big jackpot win at Get Rich Here Casino? Or maybe you’re just a shocking good thief and it’s time to unload some of your hoarded wealth. Have we got the answer for you: 10 ways to lose it online, fast!

Here’s my fav: Sic Bo. It’s a three-dice game similar to the very appropriately named Grand Hazard. Either way the game is a minefield of lousy bets. Like to give the house a 47.2% advantage? Then try the “totals” bet of 5 or 16. How about a specific pair at 33.3% to the house? The only halfways decent odds are “Small” or “Big” at a house edge of 2.7% but you’ll have to look carefully to find that bet. If you like dice games, learn Craps. If it’s the exotics that attract you, try betting on camel races.

Another big waster of a game is Keno. The odds vary, but the house edge ranges from 25 to 29% depending on the number of picks, wins, etc. Aficionados will praise the “way” and “combination” bets, but they’re talking about making the best of a bad thing.

Take the direct approach to losing money online: get really drunk before logging on, belly up to a game of Video Poker and speed-play, say 40-50 hands a minute. Very effective.

Here’s another way to maximize your losses at Video Poker. Since a full-pay 9/6 machine only gives a 0.5% advantage to the house, go for something more challenging like an 8/5 (2.7% house advantage) or best of all a nice 6/5 machine that throws a full 5.0% the house’s way. And while you’re at it keep trying to fill that broken, low-end Straight.

Sit in on an online poker game without knowing even the basic 789bet rules. After all, you can learn as you go, right? And if you’re the selective sort, start with a nice little $10-$20 multi-player Texas Hold’em. It’s relatively easy to lose $1000 a hand if you like to hang in there just to see what the other guys have got.

Need a quick buck-waster at the Craps table? Try the “Any Seven” bet. Your odds are five-to-one, you’ll only get paid at four-to-one, and you’re sacrificing a 16.67% advantage to the house. Bet heavily, you’ll be able to logoff sooner.

Here’s a nice easy one: go to an unlicensed online casino with a shabby website using unknown software, but be sure not to research the casino first and don’t read any of their policies or “fine print.” Now hand them your credit card and if you win anything, pray you’ll collect your winnings in a reasonable time frame.

Like to squander in style? Put on your tux, get a seat at a high-stakes Baccarat table where the Tie pays 8-to-1 and bet only on Tie. That’s a 14.4% advantage the house gets and with this particular game it’ll all be over soon. But hey, you look good while you’re doing it. And don’t forget the immortal line: “Broke, dead broke.”

Go to an online gambling portal that mysteriously only recommends five casinos that all look alike, use the same software and are operated by domains registered to the same company. It’s especially good if the site blacklists all other casinos.

Last but not least, make sure not to check your credit card records at the end of the month. The disreputable — or accident prone — casinos have been known to double or even triple bill player’s cards without batting an eyelash. But you don’t care about that sort of thing do you, Big Guy? It’s only money money money.…

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